The NIPA have confirmed the teams that will travel to Bridlington in May to compete in the 2019 European Blackball Championships as follows. Learning disabilites teams to follow. Good luck to everyone 👍👍🎱🎱 -

Gordon Boomer (C)
Michael Thompson
Matthew Quinn
Lee McIlreavy
Neil McFaul
Johnny Murray

Derek Whiteside (M)
Gary Wallace (C)
Rab Butler
Trevor Whiteside
Paul Harris
Alastair Wilson
Johnny Mackay
Kyle Kirkwood
Tom Leggett
Chris Ferguson

Tristan Scott-Heyes (M)
Aaron Leslie
Gee Crawley
Andy Spiers
Andy Arbuthnot
Daniel Clarke
Davy Magill

Tristan Scott-Heyes (PM)
Kevin McCorry (C)
Kevin Duffy
Paddy McGivern
Paul Mooney
Ryan McCartan

Robert Hawkins (PM)
Willie Eakin (C)
Brian Crilly
Stephen Johnston
Marty Goudie
Raymond Stockman
Davy McGurn

Kenny Geddis (PM)
Alan Johnston
Alan Corrigan
Davy Drysdale
Craig Robson
Stevie Ferris

Mary Cunningham (PM)
Emma Cunningham
Ashleigh Dinsmore
Tasha Magill
Roisin Smith
Alex Babb

Derek Whiteside (M)
Declan Duff (C)
Ryan Marcus
Aaron Rolston
Eamon Ferris
Daniel Connor
Stephen Parker

Gillian Rolston (M)
Delaney McLaughlin (C)
Josh McKendry
Robin Duffy
Philip McCrory
Michael Neil
Oran Kneeland
Zac McCandless

Willie Eakin (M)
Reece McCloskey
Dion Lynch
Tyler Mitchell
Lewis Dougherty
Taylor Baxter

A Team Manager - John Clarke
B Team Manager - Sammy Henry
B1 Team Manager - Ruth Taggart

Philip Haveron
Clifford Healy
Paddy Reid
Robin Gilliland
Alan Bell
Sammy Johnston
John Henderson
Kevin Walsh
Shane Butcher
Jason McBride
Clifford McKendry
Conrad McFeely
Harry Chambers
Valerie Taggart
Eamon McKillop
Eddie Hoey
Jason McAfee
Jonathon McAuley
Bobby McAllister
Jonathan McClerg
Trevor Patterson
Gordon Stewart

1st - 4th May 2019 (Under 15/18/23s)
6th -11th May 2019 (Mens, Ladies, Seniors, Masters)

Could any player wishing to be considered for selection for Team NI and is able to travel to the 2019 European Championships in Bridlington on the above dates please submit their name and preferred category to us by either emailing Secretary Gillian Rolston at nipablackball@yahoo.co.uk or by messaging Gillian on Facebook.

'A' Teams and 'B' Teams compete in the Euros in all categories.

Players can state more than one preferred category but by doing so the NIPA Hierarchy system applies as follows -
Category hierarchy - Mens, Under 23s, Ladies, Seniors (over 40s), Masters (over 50s)
Teams hierarchy - A - B - B1 - B2

Closing date for submitting names is Wednesday 30th January 2019

After closing date, Committee will send list of available players to each category Manager. Managers will then select their squad from players who are available to travel and send names to the Executive Committee who will then contact players and invite them onto that team.

5 Person Teams
Managers of 5 person 'A' Teams can select 3 Wild Cards. He/she must invite the current NI Champion in the category he/she manages. If said Champion wishes to play in another category Manager will have another Wild Card. Last 2 places must come from Play Offs which are by invitation only from Manager and Committee. 'B' Team Managers select 4 Wild Cards and 2 from a Play Off.

7 Person Teams
Managers of 7 person teams can select 6 Wild Cards. Last 2 places must come from Play Offs which are by invitation by Manager and Committee.

Any player unsuccessful in a Play Off for an 'A' Team shall  be offered a trial for the 'B' Team in that category if not selected as a Wild Card by the 'B' Team Manager.

Play off format to be confirmed by Team Managers (numbers dependent)

Players selected for European Championships will be considered first to attend the Nations Cup in Cyprus in November 2019.

Any issues arising not covered will be decided on by Committee