2017 EBA UK Individual Championships

At time of writing there are still some places available in the EBA UK Individual Champonships Open, Seniors and Ladies events (Masters sold out). Some Northern Ireland players have already confirmed their entry, act now if you would like to compete in either event. Contact Ross McInnes on 07749 550440 or email ispscotland@gmail.com

Official 2017 EBA UK Pool Championships, Hilltop Hotel Carlisle from Friday 8th until Sunday the 10th September.

This event has 4 Sections - Men’s Ladies, Seniors [ over 40s ] & Masters [over 50s ] and will carry the official titles of UK Individual Champion for 2017.

64 Men, Seniors 32, Ladies 16, Masters 16.

Entry fee for each category will be £100 except  Ladies for which it is £50 and all categories will have added prize money to their entry fees, along with Winners and Runners Up trophies.

The event will be played on 16 Supreme tables using Hainsworth Cloth and Aramith Pro Cup balls and we will have a qualified referee there at all times.

Players have to stay two nights based on £40 pp per night sharing a Double room or £65 for a Single, both B&B.

Each event will be Double Elimination down to 8 in the Mens joined by 8 from their losers section, this is where the prize money will start from.

Seniors down to 4 joined by 4 from the losers section, this is where the prize money starts from.

Ladies down to 2 joined by 2 from their losers section, this is where the prize fund starts from.

Masters down to 2 joined by 2 from their losers section, this is where the prize fund starts from.

All races to 7 in the winners section and 4 in the losers sections.

At the Knock Out stages races will be increased.

We will be starting the event on Friday night but in some cases, for players who have a long way to travel, we can hold back their matches until the Saturday.

Bank details are as follows - RBS Sort Code 833300 Account Number 00103064.  Please reference your name when making payment.

Added prize money as follows - £400 going to the Open with the Winner getting £2,200 Runner Up £1,000 Semi Finalists £600 each Quarter Finalists £300 each and Last 16 £150 each. Total payout = £6,800.

£200 added to the "Alan Johnston" Seniors with the Winner getting £1,100, Runner Up £700 Semi Finalists £400 each and Quarters Finalists £200 each. Total payout = £3400

£100 added to the Masters event with the Winner getting £800, Runner Up £400 and Semi Finalists £250 each. Total payout = £1,700

£100 added to both the "Ann Mawby" Ladies event with the Winner getting £400, Runner Up £250 and Semi Finalists £125 each. Total payout = £900

Live streaming by Terry Higginson from RhinoTV.

IPA Tour Event 3 - UK Open

Best of luck to all Northern Ireland cueists (below) travelling over to the IPA Tour Event 3 (UK Open) which takes place from Friday 23-25th June. The arena is inside the magnificent St James' Park Stadium (pictured right), home of Premier League team Newcastle United. Tables will be covered in the new Strachan 861 cloth for the ultimate playing experience.

Ronan McCarthy, Gary Clarke, Rab Fee, Declan Lavery, Declan Duff, Greg Stevenson, Wayne Lewis, Tyler McConnell, Gee Crawley (Apologies if anyone has been missed) 

Draws and schedules can be seen on the IPA website by following this link http://ipapool.com/events/2017-ipa-tour-3-uk-open/

Betting available from Corals Bookmakers via the following link http://sports.coral.co.uk/pool

The live stream action over the weekend starts on the Friday morning at 10.00am with a cracking match as Newark's Jules Goodyear taking on 2015 IPA World Champion Jack Whelan from Derby. Streaming link is http://ipapool.com/tour-extra/live-streaming/

Full streaming schedule for Friday as follows -
10.00am - Jules Goodyear v Jack Whelan
12.00pm - Shaun Stebbings v Josh Durant
14.00pm - Gavin Robinson v Gareth Hibbott
16.00pm - Ben Davies v Chris Bowron
18.00pm - Adam Brown v Ross Fernie
20.00pm - Jordan Shepherd v Michael Oliver
22.00pm - Luke Sanges v Darren McVicar

Website - http://ipapool.com/

Facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/ipapooltour/

Ladies B Team

Manager Alex Babb has confirmed her Ladies B Team to represent NI at the 2017 EBA Nations Cup of Pool in Malta in November. All the best to all selected -

Alex Babb (PM) - Bangor
Linzi McClelland - Ballymena
Roisin Smith - Newcastle
Andrea McAlister - Bangor
Jean McIlroy - Larne
Natalie McCullough - Belfast
Kathy Leddy - Bangor
Susan Graham - Bangor

2017 Mixed Doubles Championship

It's well done to Nigel Clewer (Antrim) and Collette Henriksen (Enniskillen). The duo stormed to victory in the NIPA 2017 Mixed Doubles Championship dropping only four out of nineteen frames along the way. The event was played in the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor on Sunday 11th June.

1. Emma Service & Paul Hamilton 1-5 Sara Greenberg & Andy McMeekin
2. Michelle Roonay & Rab Butler 5-1 Kathy Leddy & Gary Wallace
Sara Greenberg & Andy McMeekin 3-5 Michelle Roonay & Rab Butler
Claire Stewart & Rab Fee 5-0 Jean McIlroy & Gee Crawley
Collette Henriksen & Nigel Clewer 5-3 Alex Babb & Craig Robson
Kim Dockery & Paul Rafferty 2-5 Linzi McClelland & Michael Kane
Michelle Roonay & Rab Butler  5-1 Claire Stewart & Rab Fee
Collette Henriksen & Nigel Clewer 5-0 Linzi McClelland & Michael Kane
Michelle Rooney & Rab Butler 1-5 Collette Henriksen & Nigel Clewer

The 2017 NIPA Mixed Doubles takes place on Sunday 11th June in the Primacy Bar, Bangor. -

What - 2016-17 NIPA Mixed Doubles Championship
When - Sunday 11th June
Where - Primacy, Sports Bar, Bangor
Time - Registration closes at 11.30am sharp for both players
Dress code - NIPA dress code applies
Cost - £10 per player if NIPA members, £20 per player if not
Rules - Straight Knockout, played to Scotch Doubles
Who - Open to anyone who is eligible to represent NI at Blackball


Manager Collette Henriksen has confirmed her Ladies 'A' Team travelling to Malta to represent Team NI at the 2017 EBA Nations Cup of Pool in the Dolmen Resort Hotel. The very best of luck girls.

Collette Henriksen (PM) - Enniskillen
Tasha Magill - Dundonald
Mary Cunningham - Newry
Michelle Roonay - Enniskillen
Claire Stewart - Antrim


The 2017 NIPA Champions of Champions


Qualifying teams for the 2017 NIPA Champions of Champions have been confirmed. The winners of NIPA
affiliated Leagues and Premier Knock Out Cup competitions will play off on Sunday 4th June for the title of 2017 Northern Ireland Champions of Champions.

In the photo - Holders, Thatch Bar (Larne League)


IN BETWEENERS - Ballymena - Philip Houston
MICHELIN - Ballymena - Davy Armstrong
WAYSIDE INN - Ballyclare - Kyle Kirkwood
FIVE CORNERS - Ballyclare - Iain Britton
THE OAKS - Ballynahinch - Bertie Douglas
ROWALLANE - Ballynahinch - Davy Moore
THE TOWER - Ards - Paul Robson
BARRACUDAS - Ards - Stevie Strain
IMPERIAL - North Down & Ards - Darren Sterrett
COWBOYS - North Down & Ards - Alex Irwin
GALACTICOS - Carrick - Derek Whiteside
SCORPIONS - Carrick - Colin Rafferty
THATCH - Larne - Bryan McWhirter
SAINTS - Larne - Dean McDonagh
POTTERS A - Coleraine - Willie Eakin
POTTERS ACES - Coleraine - Willie Boreland
RUSSELLS BAR - East Down - Mark Magoran
McMULLANS - East Down - Tom Morgan

What - The 2017 NIPA Champions of Champions
Where - The Q.Club, Larne
When - Sunday 4th June 2017
Team Registration closes at 11.00am. One player from a team can register for the whole team. Any team not registered by 11.00am will lose one frame for every 5 minutes they are late in registering.  Teams can register a maximum of 8 players
Venue - Open from 10.00am
Dress code - yes, NIPA
Format - 5 person team event played to Knock Out and Plate 
Eligibility - To be eligible to play, a player must be registered with a team playing in the Competition and have played in a minimum of 3 League matches for that team in the season ending 2016/2017. Teams must have a minimum of 4 players to enter.

Campbell wins the 2017 NIPA Invitational

Congratulations to Neil Campbell. The Ballynure cueist has finished off a great personal season by winning the 2017 NIPA Invitational and the £100 prize money. It comes on the back off his debut for the Northern Ireland Seniors A Team at the 2017 European Championships in Bridlington and his win in the Ballyclare League Open Individuals. Neil also won the Player of the Year title in the Larne Pool League.

Stephen Johnston 7-3 Stephen Massey
Clifford Healy 6-7 Ryan Scott
Gerry McCorry 7-5 Paul Kerr
Ryan Marcus 3-7 Neil Campbell
Stephen Johnston 7-1 Ryan Scott
Gerry McCorry 3-7 Neil Campbell
Stephen Johnston (Lisburn) 5-7 Neil Campbell (Ballynure)

Campbell Campbell Johnston Campbell Johnston Campbell Johnston Campbell Johnston Campbell Johnston Campbell


Manager Rab McCullough has confirmed his Mens 'A' Team to represent Team NI at the 2017 EBA Nations Cup of Pool in Malta in November. Best of luck lads.

Robert McCullough (PM) - Belfast
Rab Fee - Antrim
Declan Lavery - Antrim
Ronan Fay - Coalisland
Gary Clarke - Ballymena
Alastair Wilson - Ballyclare



The NIPA Committee would like to offer their condolences to Brian Crilly on the passing of his sister Margaret this morning 22nd May after an illness.

Our thoughts are with Brian and his family circle at this very sad time.

The 2017 NIPA League Invitational

The final field to the NIPA 2017 Invitational has been confirmed. The event takes place on Sunday 28th May in the Q.Club, Larne with registration closing at 12.00 noon. In the photo is young James Nesbitt from Coleraine who has won the trophy for the last two years in a row. Can James make it what would be a fantastic hat trick ?

Entry is free, £100 and trophy to winner, £50 to Runner Up. NIPA Dress Code applies


Pat McAnally - Ballymena & Antrim Open Individual Champion
Clem Howard - Ballymena Seniors Individual Champion
Stephen Massey - Ballynahinch Open Individual Champion
Craig Robson - Ards Open Individual Champion
Gerry McCorry - Larne Open Individual Champion
Bill McIlroy Sr - Larne Seniors & Masters Individual Champion
Aaron Rolston - Larne Under 23 Individual Champion
James Nesbitt - Coleraine Open Individual Champion
Neil Campbell - Ballyclare Open Individual Champion
Jackie Murdock - Ballyclare Seniors Individual Champion
Paul Kerr - Carrick Open & Seniors Individual Champion
Joe Patton - Carrick Masters Individual Champion
Ryan Scott - Carrick Under 23 Individual Champion
Paul Carville - East Down Open Individual Champion
Stephen Johnston - Crumlin Open Individual Champion
John Tennyson - Crumlin Seniors Individual Champion
Matt Short - Crumlin Masters Individual Champion
Drew Sloan - 2016 EBA Nations Cup Mens Individual Champion
Collette Henriksen - 2017 IPA Ladies World Individual Champion
Davy Drysdale - 2016 Blackball International Masters Individual Champion
Tommy Morrow - 2017 Northern Ireland Mens Individual Champion
Ronan McCarthy - 2017 Northern Ireland Seniors Individual Champion
Stephen Johnston - 2017 Northern Ireland Masters Individual Champion
Michelle Roonay - 2017 Northern Ireland Ladies Individual Champion
Declan Duff - 2017 Northern Ireland Under 23 Individual Champion
Ryan Marcus - 2017 Northern Ireland Under 18 Individual Champion
Clifford Healy - 2017 Northern Ireland Specials Mens Individual Champion
Valerie Taggart - 2017 Northern Ireland Specials Ladies Individual Champion


Squads for the 2017 EBA Nations Cup of Pool in Malta are already taking shape. Click on the following link to view - http://www.nipa-blackball.com/p/2017-nations-cup-squads-for-malta.html

Top of the Pots

There were many great performances by Team NI players in Bridlington at the 2017 EBA Euros. Listed below are top percentage scorers and top frame winners in each of our sections

Percentage % FP Section

Alaister Wilson 62% 55 Mens A
Jason Crozier 64% 47 Mens B
Barry Cunningham 48% 48 Mens B1
Collette Henriksen 78% 49 Ladies A 1st in whole section
Kathy Leddy 53% 30 Ladies B1
Brian Crilly 77% 35 Seniors A Joint 3rd in whole section
Gary Johnston 55% 40 Seniors B
Greg Stevenson 55% 40 Seniors B
Robert Hawkins 71% 35 Masters A 2nd in whole section
Marty Goudie 72% 39 Masters B 2nd in whole section
Oisin Wallace 70% 40 Under 18 A 2nd in whole section
Ryan Marcus 83% 40 Under 18 B 1st in whole section
John Brown 66% 50 Specials A
Clifford Healy 66% 50 Specials A
Conrad McFeely 73% 30 Specials B1 Joint 2nd in whole section
Jason McBride 73% 30 Specials B1 Joint 2nd in whole section
Mark Irvine 73% 30 Specials B1 Joint 2nd in whole section
Mark McQuade 72% 29 Specials B2

Frames Won FW FP Section

Alaister Wilson 34 55 Mens A
Jason Crozier 30 47 Mens B
Barry Cunningham 23 48 Mens B1
Collette Henriksen 38 49 Ladies A 1st in whole section
Kathy Leddy 16 30 Ladies B1
Brian Crilly 27 35 Seniors A 1st in whole section
Gary Johnston 22 40 Seniors B
Greg Stevenson 22 40 Seniors B
Gerry McCorry 28 42 Masters A Joint 2nd in whole section
Marty Goudie 28 39 Masters B 2nd in whole section
Oisin Wallace 28 40 Under 18 A 2nd in whole section
Ryan Marcus 33 40 Under 18 B 1st in whole section
John Brown 33 50 Specials A Joint 3rd in whole section
Clifford Healy 33 50 Specials A Joint 3rd in whole section
Conrad McFeely 22 30 Specials B1 Joint 1st in whole section
Jason McBride 22 30 Specials B1 Joint 1st in whole section
Mark Irvine 22 30 Specials B1 Joint 1st in whole section
Mark McQuade 21 29 Specials B2

Ladies Learning Disabilities International Fixture

Northern Ireland Ladies Specials V England Ladies Specials

We are pleased to announce the dates for this International Fixture which is now in its' fourth year of competition. Six teams will participate, four from the host Nation Northern Ireland and two from England. Each season the venues are alternated between both countries.

Playing dates as follows
Monday 29th May and Tuesday 30th May (11.00am start both days)

There will be Team events ands Individual events. Thanks go to Angela Butler for bringing over the England teams and to the Q.Club in Larne for hosting the event.

A big thanks also goes to local businessman Mark Wilson of "Wilsons Catering" who will be providing free food over the two days for players and officials


Some team Managers have already been checking with players regarding availability to travel with Team NI for the 2017 EBA Nations Cup of Pool.

Could anyone who wishes to be considered for selection and is definitely available to travel to Malta on 1st November (return 9th November) please email us at nipablackball@yahoo.co.uk before 31st May 2017

When admitting your name please state your preferred section, Mens, Seniors, Ladies, Masters or Unders

Costs are shown on the EBA website at www.eba-pool.org Flights will vary depending on when you book

Any player who accepts selection must show proof of flight booking to the NIPA before 31st July 2017 or pay a £100 deposit to the NIPA.

The venue is the splendid Dolmen Resort Hotel on the island

It's Aaron again

Well done again to Aaron Leslie. The Glengormley cueist won the final NIPA Tour Event of this season to make it two on the trot.

Aaron Leslie (Glengormley) 5-3 Ellis Martin (Larne)

Final frames
Martin Leslie Leslie Martin Leslie Martin Leslie Leslie

In the photo
Winner of Event 5, Aaron Leslie (right) with Runner Up Ellis Martin


The NIPA Executive Committee would like to pass on our condolences to Ronan McCarthy on the passing of his sister Geraldine at the age of 54. Our thoughts are with Ronan and the family circle at this very sad time.

The funeral service will take place in St Joseph's Chapel, 46 Blackstaff Road, Ballycranbeg, Kircubbin, Newtownards, Co Down, BT22 1AG at 12.00  noon on Tuesday 9th May

2017 EBA Nations Cup of Pool

Malta has been confirmed as the venue for the 2017 EBA Nations Cup of Pool.

It will be held in the splendid Dolmen Resort Hotel on the island from Thursday 2nd November to Wednesday 8th November. Travel dates will be Wednesday 1st November and Thursday 9th November.

The event is for both A and B Teams for Adults and Unders

The new NIPA One Day Handicapped Tour (Event 5)

Find details on the poster below of our new Handicapped Tour. Event Number 5 takes place on Sunday 7th May. Registration closes at 10.30am sharp

VENUE OPEN FROM 9.30am - Q.Club, Larne

Players can still enter on the day but must be in the venue by close of registration time. Please leave home early to get parked and into the venue and to avoid any possible travel delays

In the photo - Event 4 Winner Aaron Leslie (Glengormley)

Reminder for any player whose membership ran out on 31st December that new memberships to be taken out before playing. Cost is £10 from 1st January to 31st August 2017. Under 18s free.

(-5) Ronan McCarthy
(-3) Tommy Morrow, Gary Clarke
(-2) Brian Crilly, Declan Duff, Rab McCullough, Steven McGurn
(-1) Ady Toner, Alaister Wilson, Colin Moore, Connor McCann, Damian Reid, Dean McDonagh, Dee Irwin, Emmet Maguire, Gavin Patton, Gerald McCaffrey, Gerard McDermott, Herbie O'Neil, James Nesbitt, Jason Crozier, John Lawther, Johnny Mackay, Lee Hull, Mark Graham, Marty Goudie, Paddy McLoughlin, Ricky Clyde, Ryan Foster, Ryan McKillop, Sam Newell, Shaun McAlister, Stephen Johnston, Chris Beattie, Jimmy Moore
( 0 ) Aaron Leslie, Aaron Rush, Alan Rainey, Andrew Patterson, Andy Park, Barry Cunningham, Callum McGlinchey, Ciaran Reid, Clem Howard, Colin Wilson, Collette Henriksen, Craig Gawley, Craig Laughlin, Daniel Clarke, David Riddell, Davy McGurn, Declan McConville, Declan McMahon, Ellis Martin, Eoin Burns, Gary Davidson, Galvin McDermott, Gary Johnston Jr, Gary Johnston Sr, Gavin Doran, Gee Crawley, Gerry McCorry, Greg Stevenson, Iain Britton, James Meredith, Joe Larkin, John McAllister, Kenny English, Kyle Kirkwood, Lee Topping, Mark Stockton, Martin Sharvin, Michael Kane, Michael Thompson, Michelle Roonay, Neil McFaul, Oisin Wallace, Paddy Lynch, Paddy Mulholland, Paul Carville, Paul Rafferty, Philip Houston, Raymond Stockman, Robert Hawkins, Ryan Scott, Simon McConnell, Steven Strain, Stuart McLean, Tony Tennyson, Trevor Whiteside, Tyler McConnell, Uel Stewart, Wayne Lewis, Willie Eakin
(+1) Adam Freeburn, Craig Johnston, Dave Jones, David Knipe, Ian Boal, Jason Davidson, Johnny Blair, Mary Cunningham, Maryjo McCourt, Michael Higgins, Paddy McGivern, Sara Greenberg, Tasha Magill, Terry Wallace
(+2) Jean McIlroy, Roisin Smith, Alex Babb

To apply for a handicap please email the NIPA at nipablackball@yahoo.co.uk

Team Managers Posts

The following Team Managers posts are up for grabs straight after we return from Bridlington


To apply, please forward your name, phone number and post you are applying for to nipablackball@yahoo.co.uk before close of day on Sunday 7th May

Round up from Brid - Team NI

Another great week in what was sunny Brid this year as over 100 players and officials represented Team NI in various sections at the 2017 EBA European Championships. Pictured right is the fantastic Spa Arena.

Mens A - Big effort by Derek Whiteside's lads, only missing out on a Knock Out play off spot after a defeat by eventual Runners Up Cyprus in their last group match.
Mens B1 - Very tough group to get out of now, won 8, lost 8 under the guidance of Manager Trevor Whiteside.
Mens B2 - Was always going to be an uphill struggle for Michael Higgins fledgling team. 14th/17 in group with 3 wins.
Ladies A - Great achievement for Jean McIlroy's girls in winning the group, unfortunately they lost out in Semi Final to Scotland. Collette Henriksen had a great run to the Final of the Individuals but lost 6-4 to England's Amanda Watson.
Ladies B - Alex Babb's team finished bottom of the group although were lifted by winning two matches
Seniors A - It was a great performance by Brian Crilly's guys to finish 2nd in a tough group. Lost out in Semi Final to Ireland 13-11
Seniors B - On the wrong end of four 13-12 defeats which made the difference in qualification. Gary Johnston's team competed well in every match
Masters A - Robert Hawkins's team qualified comfortably but agonisingly lost out to eventual winners Wales 13-12 in the Semi Final. Two players, Gerry McCorry and David McGurn reached the Individual Semi Finals.
Masters B - Great achievement for Hugo Manson's team as they won the group. They went on to reach the final but lost out 13-11 to England courtesy of an amazing combination shot by Andy McIntosh with the scores sitting at 12-11
Under 18 A - Great performance by Alex Irvines lads in reaching the Final. Lost narrowly to Wales 13-11. Oisin Wallace reached the Individual Semi Final losing out to eventual winner Scott Coventry whilst Oisin and partner Galvin McDemott were beaten narrowly 5-4 in the Doubles Final.
Under 18 B - Willie Eakin's lads just missed out on qualifying for the Final by a single frame in their last group match. Great experience in the big arena for the youngsters though
LDs A - John Clarke's 2016 World Champions made it through to the Final but lost out 13-6 to a very strong Scotland side. John Brown reached the Semi Final of the LD Individual losing to eventual winner Alan Reynolds Jr.
LDs B1 - Fantastic display in group stage by Sammy Henry's lads winning 10/10 matches, made Final but like their A team counterparts lost to Scotland.
LDs B2 - Ruth Taggarts side made it out of the group with 6/10 wins but lost at Semi Final stage to Scotland