Updated Tour Ranking Table

Click on the following link to view the updated NIPA Tour Ranking Table after Event 5 which took place in Reds Sports Lounge, Ballymena. Event 6, takes place in the Q.Club, Larne on Sunday 14th October 2018.


Remember, to play in Finals Day in Reds on Sunday 9th December players must have played in at least four out of the six available events. Reserves who meet this criteria can also play in Finals Day if they wish but must make up the difference from what they have paid in entry fees to what it originally cost to enter the Tour plus a £10 registration fee.

NIPA Tour Event 5

Reds Sports Lounge in Ballymena hosted Event 5 of our 2018 Tour and it's well done to Johnny Murray who has made it through to his first Final, the local man was resilient and consistent all day. He will meet the evergreen Ronan McCarthy in the Final, the Kircubbin man surviving two last frame 7-6 deciders against Ciaran Reid and Deaglan Campbell to make the final pairing.

In the photo - Event 5 Finalists Ronan McCarthy (left) and Johnny Murray

48 players took part, results from Knock Out stage onwards as follows -

(+1) Mark Stockton 5-7 Ryan Foster (Scr)
(+3) Neil McFaul 5-7 Deaglan Campbell (+2)
(Scr) Stephen Johnston 2-7 Ciaran Reid (+3)
(+3) Niall McElroy 3-7 Ronan McCarthy (Scr)
(+2) Matthew Quinn 5-7 Dan Clarke (+1)
(+1) Rory Kinney 6-7 Davy Armstrong (+2)
(Scr) Ryan Craig 6-7 Corey -Lee Brett (+3)
(+2) Johnny Murray 7-6 Galvin McDemott (+1)

(Scr) Ryan Foster 2-7 Deaglan Campbell (+2)
(+3) Ciaran Reid 6-7 Ronan McCarthy (Scr)
(+1) Dan Clarke 5-7 Davy Armstrong (+2)
(+3) Corey-Lee Brett 5-7 Johnny Murray (+2)

(+2) Deaglan Campbell 6-7 Ronan McCarthy (Scr)
(+2) Davy Armstrong 5-7 Johnny Murray (+2)

(Scr) Ronan McCarthy V Johnny Murray (+2)

Once again, a big thanks to the staff at Reds for all their help during the day

Event 6 moves on to the Q. Club, Larne on Sunday 14th October before Finals Day back in Reds on Sunday 9th December

It's Aaron's day

Congratulations to Aaron Leslie. The Glengormley man was in fine form as he won the NIPA Tour Event 4 Final in Reds Sports Lounge, Ballymena on Sunday 23rd September. In the Final Aaron ousted the very talented Ryan Craig from Ballymoney by 7-2

Aaron takes home £400 and Ryan £180

In the photo - Gillian Rolston (NIPA Secretary) with Winner Arron Leslie (left) and Runner Up Ryan Craig.

Once again thanks to all the staff in Reds who make us so welcome and keep everything ticking over during the day

NIPA Tour Event 5 Pots

Reds Sports Lounge, Ballymena
Sunday 23rd September 2018
10.00 am start, venue open from 9.00 am
Full NIPA dress code

Pot A

Ronan McCarthy
Tommy Morrow
Ryan Foster
Rab McCullough
Ryan Craig
Gordon Boomer
Marty Goudie
Ricky Clyde
Gary Wallace
Stephen Johnston
Emmet McGuire
Johnny Mackay

Pot B

Alan Rainey
Mark Stockton
Dan Clarke
Iain Britton
Michael Thompson
Brett McLaughlin
Ryan Marcus
Greg Stevenson
Kyle Kirkwood
Raymond Stockman
Galvin McDermott
Aaron Leslie

Pot C

Davy Magill
Robert Hawkins
Aaron Rolston
Dessie Moore
Deaglan Campbell
Aaron Wright
Matthew Quinn
Johnny Murray
Adam Freeburn
Joe Larkin
Davy Armstrong
Tyler McConnell

Pot D 

Dean Robinson
Michael Higgins
Richard Campbell
Neil McFaul
Cory Lee Brett
Paddy Lynch
Sean Davison
Ryan Scott
Niall McElroy
Dave Jones
Ciaran Reid
Kenny Geddis

Specials Team to defend World title

The very best of luck to the Northern Ireland Learning Disabilities Team travelling to Bridlington in November to defend their World Championship title. Lets do it again guys -

Clifford Healy - (Bangor)
Alan Bell - (Dungannon)
Paddy Reid (Ballycastle)
Phillip Haveron - (Larne)
Conrad McFeely - (Ballymoney)
Jason McBride - (Ballymoney)

Team Managers are John Clarke (Randalstown)and Sammy Henry (Ballymoney)

NIPA Tour Event 5

Just a reminder folks that Event 5 of the NIPA Tour takes place this coming Sunday 23rd September. Reds Sports Lounge is the venue and play starts at 10.00am. Club open from 9.00am. Please leave home early to get parked and into Club.

As per usual the Final of the previous Event will take place and it should be a cracker as Ryan Craig (0) (Ballymoney) plays Aaron Leslie (+2) (Glengormley) in a Race to 7.


Due to the great response for entry into the NI Mens Championships in November at the Lodge Hotel, in Coleraine the NIPA Committee have set the deadline for payment as Saturday 15th September. After this date we will look at the reserve list and the schedule to see if it can be amended to allow more players to enter the event if necessary. 

Only payment by Saturday 15th September secures your entry.
Payment methods as follows -
1/ In person to any Committee member  
2/ Paypal to gillianrolston@outlook.com
3/ Online bank transfer into - Sort Code 980060 Account Number 10478253  
4/ Call into any branch of Ulster Bank and lodge into - Sort Code 980060 Account Number 10478253 

If selecting methods 2, 3 or 4 please put your name down as reference otherwise we won't know if you have paid

Any player who has entered his name and is unpaid by 15th September shall be removed from the list

Rab McCullough, Pat McAnally, Iain Britton, David McCombe, Simon Lynch, James Marmion, Jim Taylor, Gavin Armstrong, Kyle Kirkwood, Gerald McCaffrey, Corey Lee-Bret, Gareth Fears, Wayne Lewis, Joe Larkin, Paddy Lynch, Ady Toner, Gary Wallace, Tommy Morrow, Oisin Wallace, Ryan McKillop, Drew Sloan, Darren Sterrett, Davy Armstrong, Davy Magill, Galvin McDermott, Lee Hull, Marc Hutchinson, Tyler McConnell, Corey Sweeney, Gerry McCorry, Michael O'Boyle, Paddy Clarke, Johnny Murray, Davy McGurn, Eamon Ferris, Gordon Boomer, Shaun McAlister, Craig Laughlin, Brian Crilly, Martin Sharvin, Paul McAlister, Sean Brannigan, Stephen Johnston, Michael Thompson, Carl Martin, James Nesbitt, Jim Gilchrist, Paul Lenfestey, Marty Goudie, Dean McDonagh, Christopher Ross, Colin Carlisle, Joe McCleary, Allen McKibbin, Michael Casement, Hugh Murdock, Fergal Kelly, Tristan Scott-Heyes, Willie Eakin, Sam Newell, Ronan Fay, Greg Stevenson, Thomas McCann, Gary Clarke, Joe Meara, Michael Wilson, Ricky Clyde, John Tennyson, Neil Armstrong, Daniel Clarke, Paddy McDowell, Noel Meara, Trevor Whiteside, Chris Ferguson, Gareth Rowe, Alan Rainey, Kenny Geddis, Matthew Quinn, George McCullough, Ryan Marcus, Johnny Mackay, Alastair Wilson, Mark Nugent, Paul Carville, Peter Leddy, Neil McKelvey, Aaron Rolston, Aaron Leslie, Declan Duff, James McGarrell, Adam Freeburn, Jason Crozier, Ryan Foster, Paul Kerr, Johnny Nelson, Tom Cassidy, Neil Campbell, Davy Jones, Steven Strain, Declan Lavery, Rab Fee, Ryan McQuillan, Roger Smyth, Anthony McCorry, Paul McGivern, Raymond Christie, Stephen McWhirter, Gary Johnston Sr, Mark Graham, Gary Wylie, Tony Tennyson, Chris Beattie, Emmet McGuire, Gavin Doran, Gerard Rogan, Marty Enright, Kevin McCorry, Ivan Christie, Nigel Craig, Ryan Craig, Paddy McGivern, Christopher Gordon, Kenny McFall, Ryan Sharvin, Declan Birt, Paul Curran, Matthew Henderson, Ian Boal = 128

Reserve list - Kieran Mallon, Kevin Duffy, Stephen McArthur, Gary Sharpe, Emmett McAteer, Stephen Parker, Daryll Watt, Stephen Massey, Warren Miskimmin, Mark Richardson, Craig Robson, Padraic Lynch, Jim Jennings, Damian McGarrell, Bill McIlroy Sr, Gerard McDermott, Frazer Young, Daryl McKee, Nigel Clewer, Barry Cunningham, Ciaran Reid, Ryan Scott, Darren McDonald, Chris Strain, Ryan Doyle, Daryl Walker, Mark Robinson, Declan Brennan, Mark Stockton James Meredith

Terms & conditions subject to amendment 

McLean NI Individual Championships & Willie Lucas Super 7s

The NIPA are delighted to announce that A.McLean Bookmakers will once again sponsor our NI Individual Championship weekend and Willie Lucas Super 7s Memorial event in the Lodge Hotel, Coleraine 16th-18th November 2018.

Look out for free bets and free merchandise over the weekend !!!

Massive thanks to all at McLeans for their continued support.

NIPA Tour Ranking Table

Updated Tour Ranking Table after Event 4 now available to view.

Gary Clarke still leads the way followed by Ryan Marcus, Ronan McCarthy and Raymond Stockman


NIPA Youth Academy

Please see below the next dates and venues for the NIPA Youth Academy (U15/18/23)
Any Under 23 player must be under 23 years of age on 1st January 2019

Sunday 30th September 2018 - Q.Club, Larne, 1.00pm
Sunday 4th November 2018 - Venue TBC
Sunday 2nd December 2018 - Venue TBC

Our teams travelling to represent Northern Ireland at the 2019 EBA European Championships in Bridlington from 1st - 4th May at U15/18/23 level will be formed from these three events with attendance and performance playing a vital role. The European Championships are different from the World Championships in that each Nation can enter both 'A' and 'B' Teams instead of just an 'A' Team.

Any questions please email us at nipablackball@yahoo.co.uk or message our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1784805468242219/

Other important dates for the Youth Section are as follows
Sunday 7th October 2018 - Northern Ireland Under 15 Individual Championships (Q. Club, Larne)
Sunday 7th October 2018 - Northern Ireland Under 18 Individual Championship (Q.Club, Larne)
Sunday 21st October 2018 - Norhern Ireland Under 23 Individual Championships (Reds, Ballymena)

Qualifying dates for Individual Championships
Under 15s must be under 15 on 1st January 2019
Under 18s must be under 18 on 1st January 2019
Under 23s must be under 23 on 1st January 2019

NIPA Tour Event 4

There were some fantastic performances today (Sunday 26th August) at the NIPA Tour Event No. 4 held in the Q.Club, Larne. None more so than by Aaron Leslie (Glengormley) and Ryan Craig (Ballymoney) who both made it on through to the Final which will take place during Event 5 in Reds Sports Lounge, Ballymena on Sunday 23rd September.

Results after Group stages as follows (Handicaps in brackets) -

Raymond Stockman (2) 7-5 (2) Mark Stockton
Ronan McCarthy (0) 7-5 (3) Kenny Geddis
Rab McCullough (0) 7-4 (3) Dave Jones
Aaron Leslie (2) 7-4 (1) Alan Rainey
Ryan Craig (0) 7-2 (0) Gary Clarke
Greg Stevenson (2) 7-6 (3) Neil McFaul
Ryan Marcus (1) 7-6 (2) Paul Harris
Joe Larkin (3) 7-5 (2) Davy Armstrong
Ronan McCarthy 7-4 Raymond Stockman
Aaron Leslie 7-6 Rab McCullough
Ryan Craig 7-4 Greg Stevenson
Ryan Marcus 7-5 Joe Larkin
Aaron Leslie 7-5 Ronan McCarthy
Ryan Craig 7-6 Ryan Marcus
FINAL (23rd September)
Aaron Leslie V Ryan Craig

Ryan Craig (top) and Aaron Leslie (bottom) who have qualified for the Final of Event 4 of the NIPA Tour

McCarthy wins NIPA Tour Event 3 Final

It's congratulations to Ronan McCarthy. The Kircubbin man had too much firepower and experience as he overcame Ballymena's Joe Larkin in the Final of the NIPA Tour Event 3 on Sunday 26th August in the Q.Club, Larne. A great effort too from Joe to reach the Final which will no doubt give him the taste for more success.

EVENT 3 FINAL RESULT (Handicaps in brackets)

Ronan McCarthy (0) 7-3 (3) Joe Larkin

In the photo
Winner Ronan McCarthy (left) with Runner Up Joe Larkin (right)

Ronan earned himself £400 whilst Joe took home £180


Just a reminder folks that at tomorrows Tour Event 4, Sunday 26th August in the Q.Club Larne, we will be taking entry monies for the following

1/ The Mens Northern Ireland Individual Championships in the Lodge Hotel, Coleraine on 17th November. This is for pre entered names only. Deadline for payment is 15th September after which pre-entered names will be removed. £20 entry fee. NIPA membership can be paid on the day of the event.

2/ NIPA Last Man Standing English Premier League Competition. Still open to new entries. Starts with Fixtures on weekend Saturday 1st September. £10 entry fee.

3/ NIPA/IPA qualifiers. Being held in Q.Club and Reds on 28th October & 2nd December respectively. Winners will earn a space on the IPA Tour which is coming to Belfast for the first time ever, win the chance to get drawn against the best players in the game, Ben Davies, Simon Ward, Marc Farnsworth, Liam Dunster or many more. £10 entry fee.

Pots for NIPA Tour Event 4

Provisional Pots for Tour Event 4 this coming Sunday 26th August in the Q.Club, Larne below. Each Pot will be split into 2 in the draw which takes place later on this week

Ronan McCarthy Mark Stockton
Gary Clarke Johnny Mackay
Tommy Morrow Ryan Marcus
Pat McAnally Gerry McCorry
Sam Newell Kyle Kirkwood
Ryan Craig Michael Thompson
Rab McCullough Chris Ferguson
Gordon Boomer Matthew Quinn
Aliaster Wilson Alan Rainey
Stephen Johnston Dan Clarke
Gary Wallace Iain Britton
Marty Goudie Raymond Stockman
Aaron Leslie Cory Lee Brett
Greg Stevenson Ryan Scott
Aaron Rolston Paddy Lynch
Paul Harris Neil McFaul
Trevor Whiteside Kenny Geddis
Davy Magill Mary Jo McCourt
Johnny Murray Ciaran Reid
Mark Richardson Dave Jones
Clem Howard Darren Lowe
Tyler McConnell Gareth Fears
Robert Hawkins Joe Larkin
Dave Armstrong Adam Freeburn

Youth Academy

The NIPA Youth Academy met up on Sunday 19th August, the U18/23s were in the 147 Club Omagh and the U15s in Potters Coleraine.

Date and venue for next event to be confirmed shortly when we will discuss the upcoming U15/18/23 NI Championships and the next two upcoming International events, the 2018 World Championships (November) and the 2019 European Championships (May), both being held in the fantastic Spa Arena, Bridlington.

Big thanks to Committee members Pauline Lynch and Gillian Rolston and a special mention for  dads Willie Boreland, Paddy Lynch and Kieran Rolston for their help on the day. Thanks also go to Willie Eakin and Davy McGurn from Potters and the 147 respectively for the use of their venues.

In Potters the Round Robin finished as follows -
6 - Reece Boreland
6 - Taylor Baxter
6 - Dion Lynch
5 - Lewis Doherty
4 - David Duffin
3 - McKenzie Milligan
2 - Tyler Hutchinson
0 - Drew Mackey

In Omagh, Oisin Wallace took the honours defeating Delaney McLaughlin 3-0 in the Final

Top photo - The U15s in Potters, Coleraine
Bottom photo - U18/23s in the 147 Club, Omagh


Please see below info regarding Tour attendance. The next Tour (Event 4) takes place this Sunday 26th August in the Q.Club, Larne. Start time is 10.00am, club open from 9.00am.

The Grand Final from Event 3 between Kircubbin's Ronan McCarthy and Ballymena's Joe Larkin will take place after the Group stages. The match is a race to 7 with Joe receiving a +3 handicap. Good luck to both players.



Yes - Played in tour
X - Didn’t attend tour but gave prior notice
NS – Didn’t attend tour and no notice given (only 1 no show without notice permitted)

All players must play in minimum 4 Tours to be eligible for Finals Day.       

Player T 1 T 2 T 3
Aaron Leslie Yes Yes X
Aaron Rolston Yes Yes X
Adam Freeburn Yes Yes X
Alaister Wilson Yes NS X
Alan Rainey Yes Yes X
Clem Howard Yes NS X
Cory Lee Brett Yes Yes Yes
Dan Clarke Yes Yes Yes
Darren Lowe Yes Yes X
Dave Armstrong Yes Yes Yes
Dave Jones Yes Yes X
Davy Magill Yes Yes Yes
Emmet McGuire Yes Yes X
Gareth Fears Yes NS Yes
Gary Clarke Yes Yes Yes
Gary Wallace Yes Yes Yes
Gerry McCorry Yes Yes Yes
Gordon Boomer Yes Yes Yes
Greg Stevenson Yes Yes Yes
Iain Britton X Yes Yes
Joe Larkin Yes Yes Yes
Johnny Mackay Yes X Yes
Johnny Murray Yes X X
Kenny Geddis Yes Yes Yes
Kyle Kirkwood Yes Yes Yes
Mark Richardson Yes Yes X
Mark Stockton Yes X X
Mary Jo McCourt X Yes Yes
Michael Thompson Yes Yes Yes
Neil McFaul Yes Yes Yes
Paddy Lynch Yes X Yes
Pat McAnally X X X
Paul Harris Yes Yes Yes
Rab McCullough Yes Yes Yes
Raymond Stockman Yes Yes X
Robert Hawkins Yes Yes Yes
Ronan McCarthy X Yes Yes
Ryan Craig Yes Yes X
Ryan Foster Yes X Yes
Ryan Marcus Yes Yes Yes
Sam Newell X NS Yes
Sean Davison Yes X Yes
Stephen Johnston Yes Yes Yes
Tommy Morrow Yes X X
Trevor Whiteside Yes Yes Yes
Tyler McConnell Yes X Yes

Ciaran Reid – 1 tour
Niall McElroy – 1 tour
Ryan Scott – 2 tours
Ady Toner – 2 tours
Barry Casey – 1 tour
Marty Goudie – 2 tours
Don McAuley – 1 tour
Gary Johnston – 1 tour
Drew Niblock – 1 tour
Chris Ferguson – 1 tour
Matthew Quinn – 1 tour
Richard Campbell – 1 tour
Michael Higgins – 1 tour
Simon McConnell – 1 tour
Harold McAllister – 1 tour
Richard Bamber – 1 tour
Gee Crawley – 1 tour
Jordan Peoples – 1 tour
Gareth Rowe – 1 tour

IPA Tour coming to NI

Enter one or both of our Qualifiers

NIPA " Last Man Standing"

Starting weekend Saturday 1st September 2018 on the English Premier League fixtures.

⚽ - £10 entry fee
⚽ - 70% payout, 30% towards NIPA fundraising

Usual Last Man Standing Rules apply

⚽ - Each team may be selected only once
⚽ - Only a win gets you through to the next round
⚽ - Pot can be split between final two if they both agree

Payment by either of the following four methods

1/ Paypal to Gillian Rolston  at gillianrolston@outlook.com
2/ Online bank transfer to Sort Code 980060 Account Number 10478253
3/ To any Committee member
4/ At the NIPA Tour Event 4 in the Q.Club, Larne

Challenge Us

All welcome

Good luck to our Under 18 World Championship Squad

The very best of luck to our Under 18 Squad travelling to the 2018 Blackball International World Championships in November. Enjoy the trip lads.

Alex Irvine - (Larne) Manager
Aaron Rolston - (Larne)
Adam Freeburn - (Limavady)
Galvin McDermott - (Omagh)
Ryan Marcus - (Larne)
Delaney McLaughlin - (Coleraine)
Sam Ross - (Ballynahinch)