Result updates during the day from the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor on Sunday 19th February.

In the photo - Tour 3 Winner and Runner Up Mark Graham (Dungannon) and John Tennyson (Crumlin)

Gary Johnston (0) 6-2 Brian Crilly (-1)
Sam Newell (-1) 6-5 Robert Hawkins (0)
Michael Kane (0) 6-2 Dave Jones (0)
Jason Heffron (0) V Bye
Gary Johnston (0) V Sam Newell (-1)
Michael Kane (0) V Jason Heffron (0)


We are now taking entries and payment for THE BIG ONE, the Northern Ireland Mens Individual Blackball Championships. Can anyone stop Kircubbin's Ronan McCarthy (pictured right) making it a fantastic double hat trick as he vies for his sixth title in a row. With the standard of Pool improving all the time in NI there will be plenty out there wanting to get a crack at the great man.

To enter email us at or text 07970450050

***IMPORTANT*** THIS IS A PRE PAY EVENT. Time slots will be used on the day. Entries close Wednesday 1st March 2017 at 11.59pm. Anyone who has not paid their entry fee by said date will be excluded from the draw.

Payment methods
1/ In person to any Committee member - Pauline Lynch, Jean McIlroy, Rab McCullough or Robert Hawkins
2/ Online bank transfer into - Sort Code 980060 Account Number 10478253
3/ Call into any branch of Ulster Bank and lodge into - Sort Code 980060 Account Number 10478253

If selecting methods 2 or 3 please put your name down as reference otherwise we wont know if you have paid.

What - The Northern Ireland Mens Individual Championship
When - Saturday 4th March & Sunday 5th March to a finish
Where - St Comgalls Club, 55 Victoria Road. Larne. BT40 1LY
Who - Open to anyone who is eligible to represent NI at Pool
Time slots - Yes
Tables - 12 Supreme
Cost - £40 non members. £20 NIPA members. Members receive a 50% reduction (Memberships available)
NIPA Dress Code - Yes
Format - Straight Knock Out

72 ENTRIES TO DATE (Alphabetical)
Aaron Leslie, Aaron Rolston, Alaister Wilson, Alan Johnston, Alan Rainey, Andrew Abram, Andy McWilliams, Bill McIlroy Jr, Bill McIlroy Sr, Brian Crilly, Clifford Healy, Colin Moore, Colin Wilson, Craig Laughlin, Damien Reid, Daniel Clarke, Davy Magill, Dean McDonagh, Declan Duff, Declan Lavery, Emmett Maguire, Galvin McDermott, Gareth Fears, Gareth Rowe, Gary Clarke, Gary Johnston Jr, Gary Johnston Sr, Gavin Armstrong, Gee Crawley, Gerald McCaffery, Gerry McCorry, Greg Stevenson, Herbie O'Neill, Iain Britton, James McGarrell, Johnny Mackay, Kyle Kirkwood, Lee Hull, Mark Millar, Michael Casement, Michael Higgins, Michael Thompson, Michael Kane, Neil Campbell, Neil McFaul, Neil McKelvey, Paddy Lynch, Paddy McGivern, Paddy Mulholland, Pat McAnally, Paul Carville, Paul Kerr, Paul McAlister, Paul Withers, Philip Houston, Rab McCullough, Ricky Clyde, Robert Hawkins, Ronan McCarthy, Ryan Foster, Ryan McKillop Ryan Scott, Shaun McAlister, Stephen Johnston, Stephen McArthur, Stephen McWhirter, Tom Cassidy, Tommy Morrow, Tyler McConnell, Uel Stewart, Wayne Lewis, Willie Eakin

NIPA Seniors (over 40s) Handicap Tour Event 4


EVENT 1 - Sunday 2nd October 2016 - Q.Club, Larne
EVENT 2 - Sunday 27th November 2016 - Minnesotas, Ballymena
EVENT 3 - Sunday 15th January 2017 - Primacy, Bangor
EVENT 4 - Sunday 19th February 2017 - Primacy, Bangor
EVENT 5 - Sunday 2nd April 2017 - Potters, Coleraine
Format - New Player Handicap Playing Format (See below)
Events - 5 Stand alone Events
Time - Registration closes at 12.00noon sharp
NIPA dress code - Yes
Races - Straight Knock Out, all matches races to 6
Who - Open to any player over the age of 40 on the day of the event
Cost - New reduced entry fee. £15 (Players must be NIPA members to enter, new members very welcome)
Info - Handicaps will apply for the full Tour unless the NIPA Committee decide an adjustment is required. Handicaps available on request to

(-1) Brian Crilly, Dee Irwin, Herbie O'Neil, Sam Newell, Stephen Johnston, Marty Goudie
( 0 ) Alan Corrigan, Alan Johnston, Alan Ferguson, Anthony McCorry, Billyjo Browne, Daniel Clarke, Dave Jones, Davy Drysdale, Ellis Martin, Gary Davidson, Greg Stevenson, Gary Johnston, John Tennyson, Kenny English, Kenny Geddis, Mark Graham, Paddy McGivern, Paddy Mulholland, Raymond Stockman, Robert Hawkins, Rodney Patterson, Steve Massey, Tony Tennyson, Tristan Scott-Heyes, Joe Patton, James Meredith, Craig Robson
(+1) Nigel McDowell, Rab Brown, Sara Greenberg, Ian Wylie, Paul Rafferty

In the photo - Winner & Runner Up from Tour Event 3 Mark Graham (Dungannon) and John Tennyson (Crumlin)

Moorso on Tour

Congratulations to Colin Moore on winning the NIPA Handicapped Tour Event 2. The Bangor cueist overcame James Nesbitt (Coleraine) 5-3 in a tight Final at the event which was held in Potters Pool and Snooker Club, Coleraine on Sunday 12th February.

Tour Number 3 moves on to the 147 Club in Omagh on Sunday 19th March.

In the photo 
Winner Colin Moore (left) with Runner Up James Nesbitt


We are pleased to announce our Mens Section Squads travelling to Bridlington to represent Team NI at the 2017 EBA European Championships in April. The very best of luck to all players.

Derek Whiteside (AM) - Carrickfergus
Ady Toner - Portrush
Gee Crawley - Glengormley
Rab Butler - Newtownabbey
David McKenzie - St Albans
Colin Moore - Bangor
Alastair Wilson - Ballyclare

Trevor Whiteside (PM) - Carrickfergus
Stephen McArthur - London
Kenny English - Carrickfergus
Daniel Clarke - Lisburn
Kyle Kirkwood - Antrim
Tom Leggett - Belfast
Mark Millar - Belfast
Paul Harris - Carrickfergus

Michael Higgins (M) - Ballyclare
Stuart McLean - Belfast
Andy Bailie - Belfast
Ryan Scott - Larne
Ian Boal - Ballymena
Joe Larkin - Ballymena
Ciaran Reid - Ballymena
Paul Roberts - Carrickfergus
Barry Cunningham - Omagh

The new NIPA Handicapped One Day Tour E2

Finalists Colin Moore & James Nesbitt

Results from Tour 2 in Potters Pool Club, Coleraine, Sunday 12th February

(-1)  Colin Moore  5-0  Gary Davidson ( 0 )
( 0 ) Paddy Mulholland  V  Bye
( 0 ) Eoin Burns  5-2  Steven McGurn (-1)
( 0 ) Michael Thompson  V  Bye
(+1) Michael Higgins  5-3  Jean McIlroy (+2)
(-3) Tommy Morrow  0-5  Ricky Clyde (-1)
( 0 ) Willie Eakin  4-5  Gerard McDermott (-1)
( 0 ) Ryan Scott  4-5  Andy Park ( 0 )
(-1) Dean McDonagh  5-4  Aaron Leslie ( 0 )
( 0 ) Andrew Patterson  Bye
(+1) Adam Freeburn  4-5  Lee Hull (-1)
( 0 ) Galvin McDermott  1-5  James Nesbitt (-1)
( 0 ) Davy McGurn  V  Bye
( 0 ) Uel Stewart  5-1  Kyle Kirkwood ( 0 )
( 0 ) Raymond Stockman  5-1  Paddy Lynch ( 0 )
(-1) Marty Goudie  0-5  Brian Crilly (-2)
(-1) Colin Moore  5-4  Paddy Mulholland ( 0 )
( 0 ) Eoin Burns  5-4  Michael Thompson ( 0 )
(+1) Michael Higgins  1-5  Ricky Clyde (-1)
(-1) Gerard McDermott  5-4  Andy Park ( 0 )
(-1) Dean McDonagh  5-2  Andrew Patterson ( 0 )
(-1) Lee Hull  3-5  James Nesbitt (-1)
( 0 ) Davy McGurn  1-5  Uel Stewart ( 0 )
( 0 ) Raymond Stockman  5-0  Brian Crilly (-2)
(-1) Colin Moore  5-2  Eoin Burns ( 0 )
(-1) Ricky Clyde  3-5  Gerard McDermott (-1)
(-1) Dean McDonagh  3-5  James Nesbitt (-1)
( 0 ) Uel Stewart  5-4  Raymond Stockman ( 0 )
(-1) Colin Moore  5-4  Gerard McDermott (-1)
(-1) James Nesbitt  5-1  Uel Stewart ( 0 )
(-1) Colin Moore (Bangor)  5-3  James Nesbitt (Coleraine) (-1)

The new NIPA One Day Handicapped Tour (Event 2)

Find details on the poster below of our new Handicapped Tour. Event Number 2 takes place this coming Sunday 22nd January. Registration closes at 10.30am sharp

VENUE OPEN FROM 9.30am - Potters Pool & Snooker Club, 76 Long Commons, Coleraine, BT52 1LJ

Players can still enter on the day but ALL players must be in the venue by close of registration time. Please leave home early to get parked and into the venue and to avoid any possible travel delays

In the photo - Event 1 Finalists, Winner 20 year old Steven McGurn (left) from Omagh and Runner Up 18 year old Gerard McDermott, also from Omagh

Reminder for any player whose membership ran out on 31st December that new memberships to be taken out before playing. Cost is £10 from 1st January to 31st August 2017. Under 18s free.

(-5) Ronan McCarthy
(-3) Tommy Morrow, Gary Clarke
(-2) Brian Crilly, Declan Duff, Rab McCullough
(-1) Ady Toner, Alaister Wilson, Colin Moore, Connor McCann, Damian Reid, Dean McDonagh, Dee Irwin, Emmet Maguire, Gavin Patton, Gerald McCaffrey, Gerard McDermott, Herbie O'Neil, James Nesbitt, Jason Crozier, Johnny Mackay, Lee Hull, Mark Graham, Marty Goudie, Paddy McLoughlin, Ricky Clyde, Ryan Foster, Ryan McKillop, Sam Newell, Shaun McAlister, Stephen Johnston, Steven McGurn, Chris Beattie, Jimmy Moore
( 0 ) Aaron Leslie, Alan Rainey, Andrew Patterson, Andy Park, Barry Cunningham, Callum McGlinchey, Ciaran Reid, Clem Howard, Colin Wilson, Collette Henriksen, Craig Gawley, Craig Laughlin, Daniel Clarke, David Riddell, Davy McGurn, Declan McConville, Declan McMahon, Ellis Martin, Eoin Burns, Gary Davidson, Galvin McDermott, Gary Johnston Jr, Gary Johnston Sr, Gavin Doran, Gee Crawley, Gerry McCorry, Greg Stevenson, Iain Britton, James Meredith, Joe Larkin, John McAllister, Kenny English, Kyle Kirkwood, Lee Topping, Mark Stockton, Martin Sharvin, Michael Kane, Michael Thompson, Michelle Roonay, Neil McFaul, Oisin Wallace, Paddy Lynch, Paddy Mulholland, Paul Carville, Philip Houston, Raymond Stockman, Robert Hawkins, Ryan Scott, Simon McConnell, Steven Strain, Stuart McLean, Tony Tennyson, Trevor Whiteside, Tyler McConnell, Uel Stewart, Wayne Lewis, Willie Eakin
(+1) Adam Freeburn, Craig Johnston, Dave Jones, David Knipe, Ian Boal, Jason Davidson, Johnny Blair, Mary Cunningham, Maryjo McCourt, Michael Higgins, Paddy McGivern, Sara Greenberg, Tasha Magill, Terry Wallace
(+2) Jean McIlroy, Roisin Smith, Alex Babb

To apply for a handicap please email the NIPA at

Bus transfer to and from Bridlington

A coach is being arranged to transfer players from Leeds/Bradford Airport to Bridlington and back for the 2017 EBA European Championships. Flight details as follows -

Outgoing flight - Saturday 22nd April
Departs George Best Belfast City Airport - 15:40
Arrives at Leeds/Bradford Airport - 16:40
Airline - Flybe

Return flight - Saturday 29th April
Departs Leeds/Bradford Airport - 17:05
Arrives at George Best Belfast City Airport - 18:05
Airline - Flybe

To book a spot, contact Jean McIlroy on Facebook Messenger as soon as possible please. Cost dependent on final numbers.

ND&A Pool Association Charity Fundraising

North Down & Ards Pool Association's annual nominated charity for 2017 is the Bangor Autism NI Community Support Group. This group offers advice, support and friendship to over 300 families registered in the Bangor and surrounding area and has over 50 families regularly attending meetings etc.

At the League Charity Night held on Friday 3rd February in the Primacy Sports Bar £450 was raised for the charity. A four team tournament, with ND&A's three interleague sides plus a team from the Crumlin Singles Pool League took place and food was provided by the Bar.

The ND&A League Committee would like to thank all involved with a special thanks to Crumlin League for coming down.

If your League would like us to post details of charity fundraising please email us at


We will be taking entries and collecting payment for the "BIG ONE" the NI Mens Individual Championships in Potters, Coleraine this Sunday 12th February at the Handicapped Tour Event 2.

Reminder that the Mens Individual is a pre-pay event with time slots. Only those paid will go into the draw. CLICK HERE FOR FULL DETAILS

Collette is on top of the World

Northern Ireland has a new World Champion. It's huge congratulations to Fermanagh's Collette Henriksen who is the new 2017 IPA World Ladies Blackball Champion. The event which concluded today Saturday 4th February was played in Bradford, England. Collette adds the IPA World title to her recent 2015 EBA Nations Cup success and 2016 EBA European Ladies Individual title. She is also the reigning Northern Ireland Ladies Individual Champion.

In the photo
Collette proudly displays her World Individual Championship trophy


Due to some people not getting paid until the start of the month the NIPA are extending the £100 Bridlington  deposit deadline to Sunday 5th February. After this date any unpaid player will be excluded from squads, no exceptions.

2017 NIPA Interleague events

We have one more place available in both the 'B' Section and 'A' Section of our Interleague events to be played on the 25th & 26th of February respectively.
Any bonafide League who may be interested please text/ring us at 07970 450050 or email us at by Friday 10th February. If more than one acceptable League applies, names will be drawn out of a hat to select said League


In the photo - 2016 'B' Team Plate Winners Ballymena celebrate their success


The end of January is nearly upon us and that means the best cueists in the World of Pool will descend on Yorkshire for the IPA World Pool Championships from the Bradford Hotel in Hall Ings at the end of January and in to early February.

For those unfamiliar with the tournament, the IPA play to the IOC recognised Blackball rule set, the more attack minded fast flowing version that really encourages aggressive play from the break onwards, and makes for a more entertaining spectacle for the spectators both in the venue (free entry all week) and those watching on the HD live stream which is also free to air.
Leading bookmaker Coral continue to support the IPA and will be betting on the event as time allows with an overall market to be formed as soon as final entries are made (I am willing to bet that Marc Farnsworth pictured top right heads the opening market), and they also hope to bet on individual matches that appear on the livestream on a daily basis, depending on their other sporting commitments.  With a record entry of 176 for the Open and counting, as well as 36 for the Ladies and players from as far afield as Belgium, Norway, France, Hungary and even Iraq it truly is a genuine World Championship worthy of the name and if you can find the winners they seem sure to start at a rewarding price.
Back to the Pool and last year the ever-reliable Gareth Hibbott (white shirt) took the title for the first time, and will be one of the favourites now despite the added pressure of attempting to retain his crown. Naturally, there will be a long list of very serious rivals including rankings leader Marc Farnsworth, 2015 Champion Jack Whelan, Seniors Champion Jason Twist (who will also be defending his Seniors title) Welsh Wizards Craig Marsh and Simon Ward, Clint I’Anson, Ronan McCarthy, Dan Davy, – the list of top players is endless, and Pool fans are in for a rare treat over the six days of intense competition.
With Pool becoming ever more popular week on week (just witness the number of new tables appearing in a pub or club near you) there is sure to be a massive livestream audience once again in 2017, but the action doesn’t end there.
As well as the all-important singles (and the £10,000 first prize), there is a doubles tournament (£2500), Seniors (£1200), Ladies (£1,000) and Mixed Doubles (£400), so something for everybody, but perhaps equally importantly, a gathering of the best players in the biggest (and most important) tournament of the year.
For those unfamiliar with the sport I like to describe it as easy to play but impossible to master (well, for me at least).  In simple terms, it’s the game we have all played at some time or another, with reds and yellows (it used to be spots and stripes years ago) and a black, with the object to pot all of your colours and then the black in that order. Tactics can ensue with the odd snooker needed on occasion but at this level it’s a potting feast, and a single frame rarely lasts more than a few minutes, though with the singles carrying a best of 5 sets (each a best of seven frames), the luck factor is all but eliminated and the players get a lot of pool for their entry fee.  
In conclusion pool is a rapidly growing sport that anyone can play, and the IPA are at the pinnacle, so why not join in, or at least have a look in on the live stream – you will be made most welcome!
The IPA can be contacted via their website, on Facebook ( via Twitter (@ipa), and on Snapchat, Instagram and via their YouTube channel.     

McCarthy turns on the style

It's a big congratulations to Ronan McCarthy. The Kircubbin cueman produced stunning Pool all day to claim the title of 2017 Northern Ireland Seniors (over 40s) Individual Champion. He did have one scare though as his old friend Sam Newell was the width of a ball away from what would have been a fantastic 6-5 win at the Quarter Final stage. But it was McCarthy who edged it and went on to beat Bangor's Brian Crilly 7-1 in the final pairing. There were some fine performances during the day including from John Tennyson, Dan Clarke, Dave Jones and the two finalists themselves. Thanks to all who took part in the event which was held in the Q.Club, Larne on Sunday 29th January.


In the photo - Neil McKelvey, 2016 Champion and Q.Club proprietor congratulates our new Champion Ronan McCarthy


Current holder - Neil McKelvey

Result updates will be posted here on Sunday 29th January during the day from the Q.Club in Larne at the 2017 NI Seniors (Over 40s) Individual Championships. Frame by frame updates in the Final.

Kenny English 3-6 Michael Kane
Michael Kane 5-6 Mark Graham
Alan Johnston 3-6 Marty Goudie
John Tennyson 6-4 James Meredith
Ellis Martin 6-5 Stephen Johnston
Stephen McWhirter 6-3 Davy Riddell
Neil McKelvey 6-3 Davy McGurn
Brian Crilly 6-3 Gary Johnston
Mark Stockton 5-6 Lenny Swan
Greg Stevenson 6-4 Tony Tennyson
Kenny Geddis 3-6 Sam Newell
Ronan McCarthy 6-1 Neil Campbell
Paddy McGivern 4-6 Anthony McCorry
Gerry McCorry 3-6 Bill McIlroy Sr
Raymond Stockman 4-6 Dave Jones
Daniel Clarke 6-0 Paddy Mulholland
David Drysdale 6-5 Uel Stewart
Mark Graham 3-6 Marty Goudie
John Tennyson 6-5 Ellis Martin
Stephen McWhirter 2-6 Neil McKelvey
Brian Crilly 6-4 Lenny Swan
Greg Stevenson 1-6 Sam Newell
Ronan McCarthy 6-1 Anthony McCorry
Bill McIlroy Sr 4-6 Dave Jones
Daniel Clarke 6-0 Davy Drysdale
Marty Goudie 4-6 John Tennyson
Neil McKelvey 3-6 Brian Crilly
Sam Newell 5-6 Ronan McCarthy
Dave Jones 1-6 Daniel Clarke
John Tennyson 4-6 Brian Crilly
Ronan McCarthy 6-1 Daniel Clarke
Brian Crilly 1-7 Ronan McCarthy

McCarthy McCarthy McCarthy McCarthy Crilly McCarthy McCarthy McCarthy


Champion, Neil McKelvey

We are now taking names for the 2016-2017 season NI Seniors Individual Championships.

To enter email us at or text Robert on 07970450050. Players can enter and pay on the day.

What - N.Ireland 2016-2017 Seniors Individual Championship.
When - Sunday 29th January 2017
Where - Q.Club, Larne
Who - Open to anyone eligible to represent N.Ireland at Blackball
Age - Players must be over 40 years of age on 29/1/17
ID - May be asked for
Time - Registration closes at 10.30am sharp
Time slots - Depending on entries
NIPA Dress Code - Yes
Cost - £20 for members. £40 non members. Memberships available
Format - Straight Knock Out

2015-2016 Champion Neil McKelvey from Larne will be hoping to retain the title but will face very stiff opposition in what should be a quality field.

1/ In person to any Committee member - Pauline Lynch, Jean McIlroy, Rab McCullough or Robert Hawkins
2/ Online bank transfer into - Sort Code 980060 Account Number 10478253
3/ Call into any branch of Ulster Bank and lodge into - Sort Code 980060 Account Number 10478253 

If selecting methods 2 or 3 please put your name down as reference otherwise we wont know if you have paid.


Alan Johnston
Brian Crilly
David Riddell
Davy Magill
Ellis Martin
Gary Johnston Sr
George McCullough
Gerry McCorry
Herbie O'Neill
Jean McIlroy
John Tennyson
Kenny English
Kenny Geddis
Michael Kane
Neil Campbell
Neil McKelvey
Paddy McGivern
Paddy Mulholland
Ronan McCarthy
Sam Newell
Sara Greenberg
Stephen Johnston
Stephen McWhirter
Jason Heffron
Dave Jones
Mark Stockton
Davy McGurn
Willie Eakin
Bill McIlroy Sr
Joe Patton
Tony Tennyson
Anthony McCorry
James Meredith
Mark Graham
Daniel Clarke
Lenny Swan

T&Cs subject to change

Bridlington deposit reminder

Just a reminder for any player that hasn't already paid his/her £100 deposit for Bridlington that the deadline date is Tuesday 31st January 2017. After this date any unpaid player will be removed from squad.

Payment methods

1/ In person to any Committee member - Pauline Lynch, Jean McIlroy, Rab McCullough or Robert Hawkins
2/ Online bank transfer into - Sort Code 980060 Account Number 10478253
3/ Call into any branch of Ulster Bank and lodge into - Sort Code 980060 Account Number 10478253 

If selecting methods 2 or 3 please put your name down as reference otherwise we wont know if you have paid. 

SPECIALS PLAYERS -- Please note this £100 payment information does not apply to you

Specials Panel for Bridlington

The Northern Ireland Special Pool Section have confirmed the panel that will be travelling to Bridlington in April to represent Team NI at the 2017 EBA Learning Difficulties European Championships. All the very best to you all.

Clifford Healy,  Alan Bell, Sammy Johnston, Philip Haveron, John Brown, John Henderson, Clifford McKendry, Mark McQuaid, Conrad McFeely, Jason McBride, Mark Irvine, Jonathon Campbell, Jonathon MCauley, Leo O'Connor, Shane Butcher, Valerie Taggart, Gordon Stewart, Gordon Chambers, Eddie Huey, Tommy Boyd and Jason McAfee.

John Clarke, Sammy Henry and Ruth Taggart


The official UK Pool Championships which will be held at the Hilltop Hotel Carlisle from Friday 8th until Sunday the 10th September.
This event has 4 sections, Men’s Ladies, Seniors [ over 40 ] and Masters [over 50 ] at date of event and will carry the official titles of UK Champion for that year.


64 Men, Seniors 32, Ladies 16, Masters 16.
Entry fee for each category will be £100 and all categories will have added prize money to their entry fees, along with winners and runners up trophies.
The event will be played on 16 Supreme tables using Hainsworth cloth and Aramath Pro balls and will have a qualified referee there at all times.
Players have to stay two nights based on £40 pp sharing a double room or £65 for a single, all B&B.
Each event will be double elimination down to 8 in the men’s joined by 8 from their losers section, this is where the prize money will start from.
Seniors down to 4 joined by 4 from the losers section, this is where the prize money starts from.
Ladies down to 2 joined by 2 from their losers section, this is where the prize fund starts from.
Masters down to 2 joined by 2 from their losers section, this is where the prize fund starts from.
All race to 7 in the winners and 4 in the losers sections.
At the knockout stages races will be increased.
We will be starting the event on Friday night but in some cases, for players who have a long way to travel, we can hold back their match’s until the Saturday.