Best of luck lads and lassies

The very best of luck from the NIPA Committee to all the 123 players and officials travelling over to represent Northern Ireland at the 2014 EBA European Championships in Bridlington over the next 2 weeks.

To keep up to date with scores visit the EBA website here 

Tuesday 22nd April -25th April - Under 18s, Under 23s & Learning Difficulties
UNDER 23 'A' - Craig Laughlin (M), Steven McGurn, Dean McDonagh, Adam McMackin, Dean Trainor, Barry Cunningham, Corey Sweeney
UNDER 23 'B' - Davy McGurn (M), Jason Horner, Lee Gribben, Tyler McKee, Matthew Campbell, Martin Stubbs
UNDER 18 'A' - Damian Corrigan (M), Carl Martin, Declan Duff, Gerard McDermott, Callum McGlinchey, Lee Topping, Oisin Wallace, Eoin Burns,
SPECIALS MENS 'A', MENS 'B1' & MENS 'B2' SQUAD -Sammy Johnston, Clifford Healey, Paddy Reid, Clifford McKendry, Jason McBride, Nigel Campbell, Eddie Huey, Mark Gray, Alwyn Holmes, Jason McAfee, Jonathon McAuley, John McAlvenney, Ryan Hynes, Jonathon Fulton, Kevin Watton, John Henderson, Brian Mennie, Richard Hunter, Robin Gilliland, John Brown. Team Managers - Pauline Lynch, John Clarke and Sammy Henry

Saturday 26th April - Thursday 1st May - Mens, Ladies, Seniors & Masters
MENS 'A' - Ronan McCarthy (M), Rab McCullough, Drew Sloan, Damian Corrigan, Gary Clarke, Ady Toner
MENS B1 - Sam Newell (M), Gary Wallace (C), Colin Moore, Ryan Foster, Shaun McAlister, Bill McIlroy Jr, Herbie O'Neill, Pat McAnally, Tony Tennyson, Gee Crawley, Terry McDowell, Jonny Mackay
MENS B2 - Peter Leddy (M), Wayne Lewis (C), Paul Francey, Neil Campbell, Kyle Kirkwood, Paul Withers, Tom Leggett, Trevor Whiteside, Tyler McConnell, Aaron Mearns, Paul Harris, Steven Strain, Gary Wylie, Iain Britton
SENIORS 'A' - Stephen Johnston (C), Lee Caulfield, Brian Crilly, Neil McKelvey, Stephen Burns
SENIORS B1 - Ian Wylie (M), Rodney Patterson, Willie Eakin, Kenny English, Raymond Stockman, Bill McIlroy Sr
SENIORS B2 - Davy Montgomery (M), Kenny Geddis, Mark Marsh, John Barrons, Rab Brown, Clem Howard
MASTERS 'A' - Eric Sterrett (M), Robert Hawkins, Alan Johnston, Davy McGurn, Dessie Cooper, Davy Drysdale, Joe Patton
MASTERS 'B' - Hugh Regan (M), Cliff Wilson (AM), Robert Bowman (C), Hugh McMurtry, Ivan Christie, Alan Corrigan, Gordon McCormick
LADIES 'A' - Eadie McFeeters (M), Alex Babb, Maryjo McCourt, Sara Greenberg, Jean McIlroy, Mary Cunningham, Angie Carson, Julie Henderson
LADIES B - Lesley Leddy (M), Lyndsey Gardner, Lyndsey Ruddock, Linzi McClelland, Angie Acheson, Kathy Leddy, Sally Caughey, Susan Graham

2014 Willie Lucas Super 7s

We are now taking entries for the 2014 Willie Lucas Super 7s Memorial Competition.

When - Sunday 25th May 2014
Where - PRIMACY Sports Bar, Bangor
Time - Registration closes 10.45am sharp. Starts 11am. Teams must have 1 player present to register players names
Venue - Opens at 9.45am
Cost - £100 per team if League affiliated to NIPA or £150 per team if League not affiliated.
Prize fund & format - Dependant on entries
Dress Code - Yes, NIPA Competition Dress Code
Pay - Pay on the day but pre register team name as limited spaces 
Closing date for affiliated teams only -  Sunday 18th May 2014

Team entry criteria

All players must play in the same League and have played at least 3 League games in that League this season. (this rule does not apply to Specials, Under 18/23s or Ladies teams). Teams can register a maximum of 10 players. Any request for an exception due to special circumstances to be made to Exec Committee.

To enquire about entering call Robert on 07970 450050

Blackball surges forward

Click here to read the article in The Independent after the IPA Tour held in Liverpool 11-13th April 2014

Photo - England's Gareth Hibbott Winner of the Open Event in the first IPA Tour of 2014 held in the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool. Runner Up was Northern Ireland's Ronan McCarthy.

NIPA 2014 Open Pool Tour Event 4

EVENT 4 REGISTRATION CLOSES AT 11.00am on Sunday 4th May.

107 Bloomfield Road South , Bangor, BT19 7HR

Please leave home in plenty of time to get parked and into the venue.
Tour Update -
A pay on the day option is being offered by the NIPA. Pay on the day for an event will be £30 but a player can only use this option on 3 out of the 5 events.

Event 1 - Sunday 23rd February (147 Club, Omagh)
Event 2 - Sunday 16th March (Primacy, Bangor)
Event 3 - Sunday 6th April (Potters, Coleraine)
Event 4 - Sunday 4th May (Primacy, Bangor)
Event 5 - Sunday 14th September (Swift Bar, Carrickfegus)

To view more info click on this link

Airport transfers to and from Bridlington

For anyone travelling to Bridlington on 25th April on the 13:20pm Flybe flight from George Best City Aiport (Flight BE 735) to Leeds Bradford and returning on Friday 2nd May on the 11:00am Flybe flight (Flight BE 736), a coach has been booked for transfers from and to the airports.

If your name is not on the list below and you would like to book a seat, please call 07970 450050. Price dependent on number.

Stephen Johnston Angie Carson Dessie Cooper
Sara Greenberg Rab Brown Stephen Burns
Jean McIlroy Tyler McConnell Kenny Geddis
Eric Sterrett Mary Cunningham Mark Marsh
Maryjo McCourt Sally Caughey Bill McIlroy Jr
Lyndsey Ruddick Lee Caulfield Tony Tennyson
Robert Hawkins
Ady Toner
Paddy McGivern
Heather Hawkins Raymond Stockman Johnny Mackay
Alan Johnston
Gemma Buck
Keith Hunter
John Barrons Steven Strain Gary Wylie
Paul Francey Neil McKelvey Willie Eakin

Return journey only

Davy McGurn

Damian Corrigan

It's Irwin again for 3 in a row at Seniors Tour Event 5

Finalists, Dee Irwin & Willie Eakin
Dee Irwin was in fine form as he strolled to his third successive victory in the NIPA Seniors Tour Event 5 on Sunday 13th April. The Belfast man had a frame count of 30-10 on his way to success, including a 6-1 win in the Final over Coleraine's Willie Eakin. The event was held in Potters Snooker & Pool Club, Coleraine. The Final event will be in the Q. Club, Larne on Sunday 11th May after which the Top 16 players will qualify for Finals Day on Sunday 1st June in the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor. The Top 8 will be seeded but only players who played in at least 4 events are eligible for Finals Day. To view the full updated table click on this link.

Prelims (Best of 13)
Dee Irwin 6-2 Robert Hawkins
Rodney Patterson 5-6 Uel Stewart

1st Round (Best of 13)
Dee Irwin 6-2 Uel Stewart
Lee Caulfield 6-3 Paddy Mulholland
Tony Tennyson 6-3 Michael Wilson
Raymond Stockman 4-6 Kenny Geddis
Paul O'Connor 6-1 Andy Giltrap
Greg Stevenson 6-3 Sara Greenberg
Willie Eakin 6-3 Raymond Crowe
Billy Moore 6-0 Ian Wylie

Quarter Finals (Best of 13)
Dee Irwin 6-2 Lee Caulfield
Tony Tennyson 1-6 Kenny Geddis
Paul O'Connor 6-0 Greg Stevenson
Willie Eakin 6-4 Billy Moore

Semi Finals (Best of 13)
Kenny Geddis 3-6 Dee Irwin
Willie Eakin 6-4 Paul O'Connor

Final (Best of 13)
Dee Irwin 6-1 Willie Eakin

Final frames
Eakin 8BC Irwin 8BC Irwin Irwin Irwin Irwin Irwin

NIPA Seniors Tour Event 5

The N.I.P.A 2014 Seniors Pool Tour for Over 40s Event 5 will take place this coming Sunday 13th April. Six different venues throught NI will be used culminating with a Finals Day on 1st June 2014. To view the up to date ranking table, please click on this link.

Event 5 will be held in Potters Snooker & Pool Club, Coleraine
76a Long Commons, Coleraine, BT52 1LJ 

EVENT 5 - Registration CLOSES AT 12.00 noon sharp, please leave home in plenty of time to get parked and into venue.

Event 1 - Sunday 29th December 2013 - Kimberley Jacksons, Newtownards
Event 2 - Sunday 26th January 2014 - Nortel Club, Newtownabbey
Event 3 - Sunday 16th February 2014 - St Comgalls Club, Larne
Event 4 - Sunday 2rd March 2014 - Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor
Event 5 - Sunday 13th April 2014 - Potters, Coleraine
Event 6 - Sunday 11th May 2014 - Q. Club, Larne
Finals Day - Sunday 1st June 2014 - Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor

Name - NIPA 2014 Seniors Pool Tour
Cost - £20 per event
Payout - £50 & £25 to Winner & Runner Up on the Day. The rest all carries through to Finals Day
Entry - Players must be over 40 years of age on the day of any Event. Please bring ID.
Finals Day - Players must play in at least 4/6 Tours to be eligible for Finals Day which will be played off by the Top 16 (Top 8 players seeded). First round losers on Finals Day will enter a Plate Competition.
Dress code - Yes, strict NIPA dress code.
Start time - Registration closes at 12.00 noon sharp
Format - Knockout
Points per event - Winner=12,  Runner U=10, Semi Finalists=8, Quarter Finalists=6, Last 16=4, Last 32=2, Last 64=1 Appearance points=5.

To receive any cash prizes on Finals Day players must compete in Finals Day

Dates, venues and conditions subject to change, please check back regularly. For any qeuries ring Robert on 07970 450050

Open Tour Event 3 (Potters, Coleraine)

Finalists, Tommy Morrow (left) and Jack Li

There were some fantastic personal performances at the NIPA Open Tour Event 3 yesterday, but when the final black of the day was potted it was Event 1 winner and overall 2013 Tour Winner Tommy Morrow who took home the top prize after another top class display of attacking Pool. The event was held in Potters Snooker & Pool Club, Coleraine. For our next Event we head to the Primacy Sports Bar in Bangor on Sunday 4th May. Everyone welcome.

PRELIMS (Best of 13)
Kenny English 6-7 Steven McGurn
Tyler McConnell 7-6 Stephen Johnston
Gary Johnston 5-7 Ady Toner
Jack Li 7-4 Wayne Lewis
Paddy Lynch 7-2 Paddy Mulholland
Andrew Patterson 6-7 Ryan Foster
Ronan McCarthy 7-1 Sam Newell
Willie Eakin 7-5 Drew Sloan
Tony Tennyson 7-0 Greg Stevenson
Robert Hawkins 0-7 Damian Corrigan
Kenny Geddis 6-7 Davy McGurn
Paddy McGivern 3-7 Michael Higgins

1ST ROUND (Best of 13)
Steven McGurn 5-7 Tyler McConnell
Ady Toner 6-7 Jack Li
Paddy Lynch 3-7 Ryan Foster
Ronan McCarthy 7-0 Willie Eakin
Tony Tennyson 1-7 Damian Corrigan
Davy McGurn 7-2 Michael Higgins
Tommy Morrow 7-1 Peter Leddy
Lee Hull 3-7 Rab McCullough

Tyler McConnell 6-7 Jack Li 
Ryan Foster 6-7 Ronan McCarthy 
Damian Corrigan 4-7 Davy McGurn
Tommy Morrow 7-6 Rab McCullough

SEMI FINALS (Best of 13)
Jack Li 7-4 Ronan McCarthy
Davy McGurn 4-7 Tommy Morrow

FINAL (Best of 13)
Jack Li (Belfast) 3-7 Tommy Morrow (Ballymoney)

Morrow Morrow Li Morrow Morrow Morrow Li Morrow Li Morrow

Tour table (After Event 3)
300 Tommy Morrow
250 Ronan McCarthy
175 Rab McCullough
165 Davy McGurn
160 Sam Newell
150 Ryan Foster, Gary Clarke
145 Robert Hawkins
120 Steven McGurn, Damian Corrigan, Tyler McConnell
115 Brian Crilly
110 Greg Stevenson, Stephen Johnston, Peter Leddy
100 Jack Li, Paddy Mulholland, Wayne Lewis, Kenny English, Mark Higgins
  90 Dean McDonagh, Gary Johnston
  80 Willie Eakin
  60 Ben Nesbitt, Mary McCourt 
  50 Mark Stockton
  40 Lee Hull, Tony Tennyson, Paddy Lynch, Tom Leggett, Gary Crawford, Ady Toner 
  30 Shaun McAlister, John Hooks, Kenny Geddis, Andrew Patterson, Drew Sloan


The Committee of the NIPA would like to offer their sincere condolences to the family and friends of Michael Rowan.

Michael, from Ballymena, passed away today 5th April. Michael was a talented cueist and will be sorely missed.

2014 NIPA Open Tour EVENT 3

EVENT 2 REGISTRATION CLOSES AT 11.00am this coming Sunday 6th April.

76a Long Commons, Coleraine, BT52 1LJ

Please leave home in plenty of time to get parked and into the venue. Possible Roadworks on Frosses Road A26 

Tour Update -
A pay on the day option is being offered by the NIPA. Pay on the day for an event will be £30 but a player can only use this option on 3 out of the 5 events.

Event 1 - Sunday 23rd February (147 Club, Omagh)
Event 2 - Sunday 16th March (Primacy, Bangor)
Event 3 - Sunday 6th April (Potters, Coleraine)
Event 4 - Sunday 4th May (Primacy, Bangor)
Event 5 - Sunday 14th September (Swift Bar, Carrickfegus)

Updated Ladies Ranking table

Click on this link for the up to date NI Ladies Ranking table.

NIPA meeting

The next NIPA meeting will be held on Friday 4th April at 7.00pm in the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor

Bridlington Programme of Events

To view the Programme of Events for all sections at the 2014 European Championships in Bridlington VISIT THE EBA WESITE

2014 Northern Ireland Ladies Doubles Championship

Congratulations to Angie Acheson & Angie Carson. The Newtownabbey duo are the new 2014 Northern Ireland Ladies Doubles Champions after the days play in the Swift Bar, Carrickfergus on Sunday 24th March. In an exciting final which went the distance the two Angies held their nerve to clinch the deciding frame and put their name on the trophy for the first time.

In the photo 
Angie Carson & Angie Acheson (Winners) and Alex Babb & Mary Cunningham (Runners Up)

Mary Cunningham & Alex Babb 4-2 Susan Graham & Eadie McFeeters

Semi Finals
Mary Cunningham & Alex Babb 4-2 Julie Henderson & Sara Greenberg
Angie Acheson & Angie Carson 4-1 Elise Richardson & Chrissie Cutler

Angie Acheson & Angie Carson 5-4 Mary Cunningham & Alex Babb

Final frames
Acheson/Carson, Cunningham/Babb, Acheson/Carson, Acheson/Carson, Cunningham/Babb, Acheson/Carson, Cunningham/Babb, Cunningham/Babb, Acheson/Carson

This Sunday 23rd March sees the 2014 Northern Ireland Ladies Doubles Championships take place in the Swift Bar, Carrickfergus. Defending Champions Sara Greenberg (Newtownabbey) and Julie Henderson (Coleraine) will be hoping to retain the title that they have won for the last 2 years. Details below.

Where - Swift Bar, Carrickfergus
When - Sunday 23rd March 2014
Time - Registration closes at 12.45pm
Cost - £20 per team (affiliated), £30 per team (unaffiliated)
Dress code - Yes
Who - Open to anyone who is eligible to represent Northern Ireland at Blackball
Format - Knockout, Scotch Doubles

Superb Clarke storms to Open Tour Event 2

What a fantastic performance by Gary Clarke yesterday 16th March in the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor in the NIPA Open Tour Event No 2. The Ballymena man stormed to victory wining some tough matches including the all important one against current Northern Ireland Individual Champion Ronan McCarthy in a nail biting final. It was one of the best ever finals witnessed at an NIPA event as Gary won the 13th and deciding frame in a match that seen 3 break and dishes and 6x eight ball clearances. For the next event, Open Tour 3, we head to Coleraine with Potters Snooker & Pool Club being our hosts on Sunday 6th April.

Live from the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor 16th March

Rab McCullough 7-4 Wayne Lewis
Damian Corrigan 6-7 Gary Crawford
Sam Newell 4-7 Gary Clarke
Stephen Johnston 7-1 Gary Johnston
Peter Leddy 7-3 Michael Higgins
John Hooks 2-7 Robert Hawkins
Maryjo McCourt 0-7 Kenny English
Paddy Mulholland 1-7 Ryan Foster
Steven McGurn 2-7 Ronan McCarthy
Dean McDonagh 7-6 Tyler McConnell

Round 1
Rab McCullough 7-5 Gary Crawford
Gary Clarke 7-2 Stephen Johnston
Peter Leddy 0-7 Robert Hawkins
Kenny English 4-7 Ryan Foster
Ronan McCarthy 7-2 Dean McDonagh
Davy McGurn 5-7 Mark Stockton
Greg Stevenson 7-6 Tom Leggett
Brian Crilly 7-1 Ben Nesbitt

Quarter Finals
Rab McCullough 4-7 Gary Clarke
Robert Hawkins 7-3 Ryan Foster
Ronan McCarthy  7-1 Mark Stockton
Greg Stevenson 5-7 Brian Crilly

Semi Finals
Gary Clarke 7-2 Robert Hawkins
Ronan McCarthy 7-3 Brian Crilly

Final (Best of 13)
Ronan McCarthy (Newtownards) 6-7 Gary Clarke (Ballymena)

Final Frames
Clarke, McCarthy 8BC, Clarke 8BC, McCarthy 8BC, Clarke, Clarke 8BC, McCarthy, McCarthy 8BC, McCarthy B&D, Clarke B&D, McCarthy 8BC, Clarke B&D, Clarke

NI Mens 'A' Team warm up

The Northern Ireland Mens 'A' Team are inviting teams to participate in a warm up Competition this coming Saturday 15th March.

Any 5 person team wishing to challenge the 'A' Team should contact Rab McCullough on 07742 793884.

It will be held in the Swift Bar, Carrickfergus

Format is 3 sessions of 5 with all challenging teams receiving a 3-0 start. Cost is £5 per player.

Alex wins latest Ladies Ranking event

Well done to Alex Babb. The County Down cueist has won the latest NI Ladies Ranking event, beating 'A' Team Manager Edith McFeeters in the Final. The Competition was played in the Q. Club, Larne on Sunday 9th March.

In the photo - Alex (left) and Edith before the final.

It's Newell & McCarthy again, but only just

What a fantastic day of Blackball Pool at the 2014 Northern Ireland Mens Doubles Championship in the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor on Sunday 9th March. 64 players vied for the title but when all was done and dusted Sam Newell and Ronan McCarthy put their name on the NIPA "Roll of Honour" for the fourth time in five years. It could have been all so different though as the holders trailed Ballyclare duo Stephen Herron and Alaister Wilson by 0-3 in their Semi Final only to storm back for a 4-3 win. Waiting for them in the Final was Coleraine pair Billy Moore and Lee Caulfield who overcame Lisburn's Stephen Johnston and Antrim's Kenny Geddis also by a 4-3 Semi Final scoreline. In the Final Newell and McCarthy were looking comfortable leading 4-2 needing just one more frame for victory. But two precise 8 ball clearances from Moore and Caulfield took it to a deciding frame. Just when they looked like running out another 8 baller, they part snookered themselves on the black off their last yellow. McCarthy stroked in a do or die long red and they duly cleared the table to take the title. The pairing now have an amazing 25 Northern Ireland titles (Individuals & Doubles) between them.

In the photo (L-R) - Billy Moore, Lee Caulfield, Ronan McCarthy and Sam Newell

Northern Ireland Mens Doubles Score Updates

Live from the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor

Round 1
S.McAlister & D.McDonagh 4-1 C.Graham & J.Heffron
B.Moore & L.Caulfield 4-2 P.McGivern & G.Stevenson
L.Topping & R.Scott 2-4 M.Wilson & J.Gilchrist
W.Lewis & S.Mitchell 4-3 A.Tosh & M.Hutchinson
S.Johnston & K.Geddis 4-3 R.McCullough & G.Crawford
C.Geoffrouy & P.Rafferty 4-2 B.Crilly & T.Leggett
D.Irwin & G.Gawley 4-1 J.Tennyson & T.Tennyson
I.Britton & S.McConnell 1-4 T.Morrow & G.Johnston
T.McCorry & J.McCready 4-2 W.Eakin & C.Sweeney
S.Newell & R.McCarthy 4-1 J.Gourley & M.Millar
M.Stubbs & L.Gribben 0-4 B.Nesbitt & D.Gordon
G.Crawley & K.Kirkwood 4-3 P.Leddy & G.Johnston
J.Horner & P.Aston 3-4 D.Cooper & P.Francey
B.McIlroy & D.Kernohan 4-2 A.Mackey & R.Brown
J.McGarrell & D.Duff 4-0 L.Hull & J.Moore
R.Hawkins & P.Mulholland 0-4 S.Herron & A.Wilson

Round 2
S.McAlister & D.McDonagh 1-4 B.Moore & L.Caulfield
M.Wilson & J.Gilchrist 1-4 W.Lewis & S.Mitchell
S.Johnston & K.Geddis 4-0 C.Geoffrouy & P.Rafferty
D.Irwin & G.Gawley 4-0  T.Morrow & G.Johnston
T.McCorry & J.McCready 2-4  S.Newell & R.McCarthy
B.Nesbitt & D.Gordon 3-4 G.Crawley & K.Kirkwood
D.Cooper & P.Francey 4-3 B.McIlroy & D.Kernohan
J.McGarrell & D.Duff 1-4 S.Herron & A.Wilson

Quarter Finals
B.Moore & L.Caulfield 4-0 W.Lewis & S.Mitchell
S.Johnston & K.Geddis 4-1 D.Irwin & C.Gawley
S.Newell & R.McCarthy 4-1 G.Crawley & K.Kirkwood
D.Cooper/P.Francey 1-4 S.Herron/A.Wilson

Semi Finals
B.Moore & L.Caulfield 4-3 S.Johnston & K.Geddis
S.Newell & R.McCarthy 4-3 S.Herron/A.Wilson

Final (Best of 9)
B.Moore & L.Caulfield 4-5 S.Newell & R.McCarthy

Final frames
Moore/Caulfield, Newell/McCarthy, Moore/Caulfield, Newell/McCarthy,
Newell/McCarthy, Newell/McCarthy, Moore/Caulfield, Moore/Caulfield, Newell/McCarthy

2014 Northern Ireland Mens Doubles Championship

The 2014 Northern Ireland Mens Doubles Championship takes place on Sunday 9th March. The venue is the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor.

What - 2014 Mens Northern Ireland Doubles Championships
When - Sunday 9th March 2014
Where - Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor
Time - Registration closes at 10:30am for all players in Group 1. Players in Group 2 to be available for play from 12.15pm
Cost - £20 per team if NIPA affiliated, or £30 unaffiliated
Who - Open to anyone who is eligible to represent Northern Ireland
Dress code - NIPA dress code applies
Format - Knockout, played to Scotch Doubles. First Round matches "Best of 7"
Entries - Limited to 32 teams
Draw - Made on the day

Players who enter and fail to turn up on the day will be liable to the NIPA for the entry fee

Billy Moore & Lee Caulfield
Dean Reid & Paul Rafferty
Dee Irwin & Craig Gawley
Brian Crilly & Tom Leggett
Lee Topping & Ryan Scott
Marc Hutchinson & Allen Tosh
Michael Wilson & Jim Gilchrist
Paddy McGivern & Greg Stevenson
Rab McCullough & Gary Crawford
Ricky Clyde & Gavin Patton
Shaun McAlister & Dean McDonagh
Simon McConnell & Iain Britton
Stephen Johnston & Kenny Geddis
Tommy Morrow & Gareth Johnston
Tony Tennyson & John Tennyson
Wayne Lewis & Steven Mitchell

Andy Mackey & Rab Brown
Ben Nesbitt & Derek Gordon
Bill McIlroy & David Kernohan
Dessie Cooper & Paul Francey
Gee Crawley & Kyle Kirkwood
James Gourley & Mark Millar
James McGarrell & Declan Duff
Jason Horner & Phil Aston
Lee Hull & Jimmy Moore
Martin Stubbs & Lee Gribben
Peter Leddy & Gary Johnston
Robert Hawkins & Paddy Mulholland
Sam Newell & Ronan McCarthy
Stephen Herron & Alaister Wilson
Tom McCorry & Jake McCready
Willie Eakin & Corey Sweeney

In the photo
Last years Finalists, Runners Up Rab McCullough & Darren Sterrett and Winners Sam Newell & Ronan McCarthy

To enquire about entering please call Robert on 07970 450050