Best of luck to the following players who have been confirmed to represent NI at the 2014 Blackball International World Championships in Perth, Scotland in October.

Paddy Reid (Moyle)
Clifford Healy (North Down)
Clifford McKendry (Moyle)
Nigel Campbell (Coleraine)
Jason McBride (Moyle)
Robin Gilliland (Antrim)

NI UNDER 18B team for Nations Cup

An Under 18B Team selection process/trial will be held this Sunday to select a NI team for the upcoming 2014 Nations Cup in Coleraine in November, details below

What - NIPA Under 18 Trial for the 'B' Team Nations Cup
When - Sunday 24th August
Where - Potters Snooker & Pool Club, Coleraine
Who - Open to anyone who is eligible to represent NI at Blackball
Age - Players must have been under 18 on 1st January 2014
Time - Starts 2pm sharp
Cost - Free to enter
Dress code - Yes, NIPA dress code
Format - Dependent on numbers

Potters Address: 76 Long Commons, Coleraine BT52 1LJ


Below are the following players confirmed and paid onto the new NIPA Tour (shaded yellow). The deadline date for other players (shaded white) to pay their entry fee is Saturday August 30th. Pay by bank transfer or contact Rab McCullough, Robert Hawkins or Trevor Harte to pay in person. New reserve list in play

AMATEURS (48 players) - Stephen Johnston, Davy McGurn, Sara Greenberg, Jean McIlroy, Kenny English, Wayne Lewis, Willie Eakin, Maryjo McCourt, Marty Goudie, Lee Hull, Gee Crawley, Johnny Mackay, Robert Hawkins, Tyler McConnell, Michael Higgins, William Irvine, Rab Brown,  Mark Miller, Ricky Crooke, Shaun McAlister, Darren Lowe, Kyle Kirkwood, Ellis Martin, Gary Johnston, Tom Leggett, Ady Toner, Paddy Lynch, Emmett Maguire, Paul Withers, Davy Moore, Ryan McKillop, Raymond Stockman, Herbie O'Neil, Colin Moore, Tony Tennyson,  Greg Stevenson,  James Meredith, Gavin Armstrong, Neil McFaul, Iain Britton, Gary Crawford, Ryan Foster, Colin Wilson, Raymond Crowe, Raymond Baxter, Dee Irwin, Craig Gawley, Raymond Christie, Paul Carville, Declan Lavery, Jason Heffron, Alaister Wilson, Mary Cunningham, Paddy Mulholland, Kenny Geddis

ELITE (8 players) - Ronan McCarthy, Gary Clarke, Rab McCullough, Damian Corrigan, Sam Newell, Darren Sterrett, Ronan Fay, Tommy Morrow

RESERVE LIST (0 players) -

Cost is £80 for Amateurs and £120 for Elite. Pay in person to Rab McCullough, Robert Hawkins or Trevor Harte or Bank Transfer to Sort Code 950441, Account Number 30015997 stating your name and A&E as reference. All players must also be fully paid up NIPA members for season 2014/2015.

Seniors, Masters & Ladies UK Open

As a follow on from the hugely successful UK Blackball Open last year, Promoter Ross McInnes will now be holding a similar event, the UK Open for Seniors, Masters & Ladies. The 3 events will take place from 27th February - 1st March in the Hilltop Swallow Hotel in Carlisle, England (Approximately 2 hours 22 minutes from Cairnryan or 1 hour 14 minutes from Newcastle Airport). Any player interested in entering please email your name to

PLAYERS WISHING TO COMPETE IN THIS EVENT MUST FORWARD THE NIPA £180 (entry fee and 2 nights accommodation) by 30th SEPTEMBER 2014. If we get more entries in a category than we are allocated then we will hold a play off with losers receiving a full £180 refund.

Events will have 64 qualifiers for the Seniors, 32 for the Masters and 32 for the Ladies.
Each qualifying place will cost £100.
Prize fund for the Seniors will be £6800 based on 64 entries.
Prize fund for Masters will be £3400 based on 32 entries.
Prize fund for Ladies will be £3400 based on 32 entries.
All events will start on the Friday and players will have to stay two nights at a cost of £40 per night.
All sections, just like the main UK Open will be Double Elimination with a race to 8 in the winners section and 5 in the losers section.
The Double Elimination will go down to the 8 winners to be joined by 8 losers in the Seniors event, this is where the prize money will start with the last 16 getting £150 last 8 getting £300 semi £600 runner up £1100 and winner £2100.
The other two events will be the same, with the Double Elimination going down to 4 from the winners section being joined by 4 from the losers section, again this is where the prize fund will start with the quarters getting £150, semis £300, runner up £700 and winner £1500.
Players can only qualify for one event.

Nations confirmed for 2014 World Championships

The following Nations have confirmed they will be participating in the 2014 World Blackball Championships in Perth in October

Isle of Man
Northern Ireland
Shetland Isles
South Africa

NI Ladies B2 Nations Cup Team

The Northern Ireland Ladies B2 Team competing at the 2014 EBA NATIONS CUP in Coleraine in November has been confirmed as follows -

Clare Roberts (Carrickfergus)
Kathy Leddy (Ards)
Krissie Cutler (North Down)
Kelly Mitchell (Omagh)
Linzi McClelland (Ballymena)
Andrea McAllister (Newtownabbey)
Frances McGuigan (Newtownabbey)
Joanne Podbylski (Ards)
Introducing the new NIPA Amateur & Elite 
Blackball Pool Tour

Event 1 ~~ Sunday 21st September 2014 (147 Club, Omagh)
Event 2 ~~ Sunday 7th December 2014 (Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor)
Event 3 ~~ Sunday 8th February 2015 (Potters, Coleraine)
Event 4 ~~ Sunday 22nd March 2015 (Swift Bar, Carrickfergus)

56 Amateur players, 8 Elite
Amateur players £80, Elite £120

To enter - Either pay to one of the following 3 persons  Rab McCullough 07742 793884, Trevor Harte 07814 432753, Robert Hawkins 07970 450050 or alternatively transfer your entry fee to Sort Code 950441, Account Number 30015997 stating your name and AET as reference
Players - Tour will be made up of 64 players, 56 Amateurs and 8 Elite. Entry is on a first come first served basis. A player who enters then subsequently withdraws shall still be liable to the NIPA for the entry fee
Selection of Elite players  - The 8 Elite players will be selected by the NIPA Executive Committee from the players who enter
Format - 56 Amateur players will play down to Last 8 where they will join 8 Elite players and play to a finish
Last 16 draw - Will be drawn from 2 pots, Pot 1 the remaining 8 Amateur players and Pot 2 the 8 Elite players to give 8 ties of Amateur versus Elite
Frames -  ""Best of 9""
Rankings (Amateur Section) - The 56 Amateur players will only receive ranking points in the Amateur only section matches. Last 64 = 3 points, Last 32 = 5 points, Last 16 = 10 points, Last 8 = 15 points. Appearance = 5 extra points
Rankings (Elite Section) - The 8 Elite players will have their own Ranking Table. Appearance = 5 points and 5 points for each subsequent match they win
Promotion & Relegation - At the end of the Tour the bottom 3 in the Elite Section shall be relegated to the Amateur Section and the Top 3 in the Amateur section promoted to the Elite Section. Match scores will count in both Ranking Tables so frame difference can determine positions in the event of players finishing level
Prize money Amateur section- Players not receiving byes and winning two matches only in the Amateur section win £25 each. Players reaching Last 8 win £50.
Prize money Combined section - Winner - £400, Runner up - £200, Semi Finalists - £100 each 
Registration closing times - Omagh 10.45am. All other venues 10.00am
Dress code - Full NIPA Dress Code for each event
Any Questions - Call Trevor Harte on 07814 432753, Rab McCullough on 07742 793884 or Robert Hawkins on 07970 450050
Terms & conditions subject to change

Mens B2 Warm Up / Fundraiser

New Mens B2 Manager Trevor Whiteside had his first team get together with a friendly against a Swift Select in the Swift Bar, Carrickfergus on Saturday 2nd August.

Although the B2s lost 38-27 it was an invaluable get together for the team ahead of the 2014 EBA Nations Cup in November.

Session scores were (B2s first) -
4-9 5-8 5-8 7-6 6-7 

Rab Butler beat Kenny English in the Final of the Individual Competition whilst Derek Whiteside won the Texas Holdem event afterwards.

Mens B2s (Photo)
Back - Paul Roberts, Paul Harris, Paul Francey, Stephen Herron
Front - Tyler McConnell, Kyle Kirkwood, Scott Hay, Jonny Johnston, Trevor Whiteside, Gary Crawford, Wayne Lewis

Swift Select
Rab McCullough, Rab Butler, Kenny English, Jonny Mackay, Robert Hawkins, Rab Brown, Derek Whiteside, Darren Whiteside, Gary Neeson, Alaister Wilson, Gee Crawley

Flights to World Championships

Dessie Cooper will be booking a minibus to meet the following flights for players travelling to and from the World Championships in Perth in October. To enquire about spaces call Des on 07773 766534

Outward -
Airline - Easyjet
Route - Belfast International to Edinburgh
Date - Saturday 25th October
Departs - 4.35pm
Flight reference - EZY 487

Homeward -
Airline - Easyjet
Route - Edinburgh to Belfast International
Date - Saturday 1st November
Departs - 5.45pm
Flight reference - EZY 486

Ladies B1 Squad for NATIONS CUP

Manager Susan Graham has confirmed her Ladies B1 Squad for the upcoming 2014 EBA Nations Cup in Coleraine in November as follows -

Edith McFeeters - (North Down)
Angie Willis - (Newtownabbey)
Alex Babb (Ards)
Naomi Rutledge (Omagh)
Angie Carson (Newtownabbey)
Sally Caughey (Ards)
Elise Richardson (North Down)
Debra Murphy (North Down)

Under 23B2 Squad for NATIONS CUP

The Under 23B2 Squad has been selected for the 2014 EBA NATIONS CUP in November and is as follows.

Curtis Boreland (Coleraine)
Conor Kneelands (Coleraine)
Lee Gribben (Larne)
Terry Wallace (Omagh)
Craig Johnston (Larne)
Matthew Steen (Coleraine)
Conor Myton (Omagh)

Ladies 'B' Team Trials

There was a fantastic turnout on Sunday 20th July at The Swift Bar in Carrickfergus with 16 Ladies competing for the three automatic selection spaces on our Ladies B1 Team to compete at the 2014 Nations Cup in Coleraine. And after the 120th frame of the day had ended it was Lyndsey Ruddock (Carrickfergus), Naomi Rutledge (Omagh) and Angie Carson (Newtownabbey) who booked their places at the Lodge Hotel in November. Amazingly Lyndsey lost her first 3 frames but went on to win her next 12 in a row to top the table. Manager Susan Graham will confirm her team this week.

FRAMES (from a possible 15)

12 Lyndsey Ruddock
10 Naomi Rutledge, Angie Carson
09 Elise Richardson, Frances McGuigan, Debbie Murphy
08 Krissie Cutler, Clare Roberts
07 Kathy Leddy, Andrea McAlister
06 Joanne Podbylski, Katrina McVeigh
05 Helena Knox, Wendy Long, Kelly Mitchell
04 Susan Graham

Following today's turnout the NIPA are confident of being able to also enter a Ladies B2 Team at the Nations Cup.  More details as we get them


Manager John McIlreavy has selected his Under 23B1 Squad for the 2014 EBA NATIONS CUP in Coleraine in November and it is as follows -

David McComb (Down)
Tyler McKee (Larne)
Jason Horner (North Down)
Martin Stubbs (Larne)
Matthew Campbell (Omagh)
Lee Hogg (Larne)
Neil McFaul (Larne)

We will also be entering an Under 23B2 team for the event. Names to follow shortly.

Tour and IM payment

NIPA Committee members will be in attendance tonight at the PRIMACY SUMMER 6s BLACKBALL COMPETITION in Bangor to collect entry fees for the new Amateur & Elite Tour and Individual Membership fees for 2014/2015. Closing date for Tour entries to be paid is 16th August. Anyone not paid by said date will be removed from list of entrants and reserves will start to come in.

Amateur - £80
Elite - £120
IM - £15 Adult, £7.50 Under 18s & 23s

Payment - Either pay to one of the following 3 persons  Rab McCullough 07742 793884, Trevor Harte 07814 432753, Robert Hawkins 07970 450050 or alternatively transfer your entry fee to Sort Code 950441, Account Number 30015997 stating your name and AET as reference

LADIES TRIALS FOR 2014 Nations Cup

The NIPA will be holding a set of Ladies Trials to select players for the 2014 Nations Cup International event in Coleraine in November. Details below

When - Sunday 20th July
Time - Registration closes at 12 noon sharp. Venue open at 11.00am for practice.
Where - Swift Bar, Carrickfergus (Beside Carrickfergus Castle)
Who - Open to anyone who is eligible to represent NI at Blackball (except for Top 3 players in Ladies Ranking Table who are not travelling to the World Championships and any player who is travelling to the World Championships)
Dress code - Yes

Selection criteria for Ladies 'B' Team (8 players)
Players 1, 2 & 3 from Ranking Table who are not travelling to the World Championships
Players 1, 2 & 3 from upcoming Trial
One other player who plays in upcoming Trial
One Wild Card


Following are NIPA dates for your diary for the 2014 / 2015 season

Sunday 7th September 2014 - SENIORS TOUR EVENT 1 (Primacy, Bangor)
Sunday 14th September 2014 - 2014 OPEN TOUR EVENT 5 (Swift, Carrick)
Sunday 21st September 2014 - A&E TOUR EVENT 1 (147 Club, Omagh)
Sunday 12th October 2014 - SENIORS TOUR EVENT 2 (Potters, Coleraine)
Sunday 26th October - Friday 1st November - BI WORLD C'SHIPS (Perth, Scotland)
Monday 10th - Thursday 13th November - EBA NATIONS CUP Adults (Coleraine, N.Ireland)
Saturday 15th - Monday 17th November - EBA NATIONS CUP Unders (Coleraine, N.Ireland)
Sunday 7th December 2014 - A&E TOUR EVENT 2 (Primacy, Bangor)
Sunday 21st December 2014 - SENIORS TOUR EVENT 3 (147 Club, Omagh)
Sunday 1st February 2015 - LADIES DOUBLES (Primacy, Bangor)
Sunday 8th February 2015 - A&E TOUR EVENT 3 (Potters, Coleraine)
Sunday 15th February 2015 - SENIORS TOUR EVENT 4 (Swift Carrick)
Sunday 22nd February 2015 - MIXED DOUBLES (Q. Club, Larne)
Sunday 1st March 2015 - WILLIE LUCAS SUPER 7s (Primacy, Bangor)
Sunday 8th March 2015 - SENIORS TOUR EVENT 5 (Swift, Carrick)
Sunday 22nd March 2015 - A&E TOUR EVENT 4 (Swift, Carrick)
Sunday 29th March 2015 - MENS DOUBLES (Potters, Coleraine)
Tuesday 7th - Friday 10th April - EUROPEANS Unders & LDs (Bridlington, England)
Saturday 11th - Thursday 16th April - EUROPEANS Adults (Bridlington, England)
Sunday 19th April 2015 - SENIORS TOUR EVENT 6 (Primacy, Bangor)
Saturday 2nd May 2015 - INTERLEAGUE 'B' EVENT (St Comgalls, Larne)
Sunday 3rd May 2015 - INTERLEAGUE 'A' EVENT (St Comgalls, Larne)
Saturday 9th May 2015 - TRIALS FOR 2015 NC & 2016 ECs (St Comgalls, Larne)
Sunday 10th May 2015 - TRIALS FOR 2015 NC & 2016 ECs (St Comgalls, Larne)
Saturday 16th May 2015 - TRIALS FOR 2015 NC & 2016 ECs (St Comgalls, Larne)
Sunday 17th May 2015 - TRIALS FOR 2015 NC & 2016 ECs (St Comgalls, Larne)
Sunday 31st May 2015 - SENIORS TOUR FINALS DAY (Swift, Carrick)
Sunday 7th June 2015 - MENS TRIALS DAY 3 (147 Club, Omagh)
Sunday 14th June 2015 - MASTERS INVITATIONAL (Potters, Coleraine)
Sunday 28th June 2015 - CHAMPIONS OF CHAMPIONS (Swift, Carrick)

Subject to change, please check regularly


The following players have been selected to represent Northern Ireland at the 2014 EBA NATIONS CUP in Coleraine in our MASTERS (Over 50s) B2 Team -

Gordon McCormick (Carrickfergus)
Chris Jeffrouy (North Down)
Hugo Manson (Larne)
Paul O'Connor (Coleraine)
Jim Taylor (Ards)
John Hooks (Ards)

Golden Goal

Well done to Alan Johnston from Larne on winning the Golden Goal sweep in the World Cup Final. Alan had to sweat it out the whole 90 minutes as he picked out the "No Goals" ticket. A £75 cheque is on its way to him.

World Cup Final Golden Goal Sweep

CLICK HERE for the Golden Goal Sweepstake, for the minute the first goal is scored in the World Cup Final on Sunday 13th July. Winner receives £75


The Primacy Sports Bar in Bangor are hosting a SUMMER 6s BLACKBALL TEAM EVENT.