This is the final list of teams heading to Selsey for the European Championships.

Anyone wanting a schedule of the dates and times off all team and individual competitions, email

We also have a list of the 'Specials' schedule, available from the same email address.

The Men's 'A' start off against Gibralter, the Mens 'B' play Wales, the Seniors will play France, whilst the Ladies will also take on France.

MENS 'A' _ England, Southern Ireland, Northern Ireland, France, Wales, Scotland, Gibralter.

MENS 'B' _ England 1, England 2, Wales 1, Scotland 1, Scotland 2, Southern Ireland 1, Southern Ireland 2, Northern Ireland 1

LADIES 'A' _ England, Northern Ireland, France, Wales, Gibralter.

MEN'S SENIORS _England 1, Northern Ireland 1, Wales 1, Southern Ireland 1, Southern Ireland 2.

SPECIALS _ Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland