2009 European Championships

The European Championship venue has been confirmed, and it will be heading to the splendid Villa Marina (pictured right) in the Isle of Man. Players will arrive on Saturday 26th September and depart on Saturday 3rd October. The opening ceremony is at 10.00am on Sunday 27th.
For more information and photos on the Villa Marina, click on iomguide.com


The EBA will also he hosting the first Intercontinental Cup between Europe and Africa. Representing Northern Ireland for Team Europe will be: Mens - Neil McKelvey, Ladies - Elise Richardson, Seniors - John McIlreavey

Mens 'A' Team (5 Man Team)
Darren Sterrett, Jason Heffron, Lee Hull, Willie Eakin, Neil McKelvey
Mens B1 Team (7 Man Team)
Willie Lucas, Darren Whiteside, Colin Montgomery Sr, Clem Howard, Stephen McWhirter, Andy Arbuthnot, Wayne Tedford, John McMullan
Mens B2 Team (7 Man Team)
Derek Whiteside, Peter Leddy (Assistant), Tom McCorry, Paul Roberts, Keith Hunter, Steven Strain, Paul Harris, Ady Toner, Trevor Whiteside, Scott Hay.
Mens Senior Team (5 Man Team)
Eric Sterrett, John McIlreavey, Kenny English, Robert Hawkins, Darren McColgan,
Ladies 'A' Team (5 Lady Team)
Elise Richardson, Sally Newell-Caughey, Susan Graham, Jean McIlroy, Debby Walker, Eadith McFeeters
Ladies 'B' Team (7 Lady Team)
Lynsey Gardner, Kathy Leddy, MaryJo McCourt, Claire Webster, Karen McCormick, Alex Babb, Pamela Hamilton
Mens Specials (5 Man Team)
John Clarke, Robert Black (Assistant), Clifford Healy, Alan Bell, Trevor Mulholland, John Brown, Paddy Reid, Jim Patton, Nigel Campbell
Ladies Specials (3 Lady Team)
Pauline Lynch, Valerie Taggart, Briege McFaul, Frances McCann