'A's & Seniors too strong

The combined NI 'A' & Seniors Team (pictured right) won the 3 Team 11 a side Fundraising Tournament in the Kingfisher Bar, Bangor on Sunday. In the first match the NI 'B2s' Team got off to a sluggish start against the Kingfisher Bar side but they rallied to lead 6-5 at the interval. A second session win of 7-4 gave the 'B2s' a 13-9 overall win. Kingfisher gave a good account of themselves against the 'A' & Seniors select but lost both sessions 7-4 to go down 14-8. That meant a draw would have been good enough for the 'A' & Seniors to win the tournament. But they soon raced into a 7-0 lead against the 'B2s' with some delightful Pool. With the next 4 frames being shared the score at the interval was 9-2. The 'B2s' put up a better showing in the second session, narrowly losing it 6-5, to give the 'A' & Seniors Team a comfortable 15-7 overall win.
Best scorers for 'A' & Seniors were D. Sterrett 6/6, J.McIlreavey 4/4, N.McKelvey 4/5 and L.Hull, K.English & R.Hawkins all on 3/4. Best for the 'B2s' were T.McCorry & P.Roberts on 4/5, P.Leddy 3/4 and S.Strain 3/5.

A Individual Knockout Competition after the main event, was won by K.English from Whitehead. Kenny beat Lisburn's Tom McCorry in the Final to scoop the winners prize of £40.

The Teams would like to thank Sam Newell, owner of the Kingfisher Bar, for sponsoring the days Pool, and providing sandwiches.