B2s warm up match

The Northern Ireland B2 team (pictured right) warmed up for Bridlington with a match against a Larne/Carrick Select on Friday 18th March.

After 6 sessions of 11 in a barnstorming match, the scores were tied at 33-33 and went to a best of 3 frame play off. The Larne/Carrick lads held their nerve to win it 2-0 for a 36-33 overall score.

Session scores as follows (Larne/Carrick first)

8-3, 4-7, 5-6, 6-5, 8-3, 2-9

Best performer for the B2s was Stephen Mitchell on 5/7, followed closely by Steven Strain and Colin Rafferty both on 4/7. For the Select team, Robert Hawkins was on 6/6, Kenny English 5/7 and Gerry McCorry and Bill McIlroy Jr both on 4/6