Blackball Competition

Minnesota's Snooker Club will be running the "Minnesota Classic Pool Competition" on 17th April. It is one week before teams head to Bridlington so would be ideal match practice for what lies ahead against Europe's best. As per Bridlington, spotted whites will be used in the Competition

Where - Minnesota's Snooker Club, Ballymena
When - Sunday 17th April 2011
How many - First 32 names only
Time - Registration 1.30pm, 2.00pm start
Cost - £15 entry + £5 registration (prices include all table time and complimentary sandwiches)
Payout - 100%
Rules - Blackball
Dress code - Casual, no football emblems
Format - Knockout (1st Round best of 9)
Tables in play - 4 Supremes

To enter or for anymore information contact Gary on 07922 560008