Super Specials bring home the silverware


The Northern Ireland Specials have again led the way as they brought home a load of trophies from the Special Pool World Championships in Bridlington 2011.They played fantastic all week and were a credit to themselves and Northern Ireland. Well done lads and lassies. Pictured are as follow.

1. Mens 'A' Team - World Champions
2. Mens 'B' Team - World Champions
3. Ladies 'A' Team - World Champions
4. Ladies 'B' Team - World Champions
5. Clifford Healy - World Ind Runner Up
6. Valerie Taggart - World Ind Champion

Mens A Group
Mens A 15-18 Scotland
Mens A 17-16 S.Ireland
Mens A 29-4 England
Mens A 18-15 Wales
Semi Final
Mens A 17-16 Scotland
Mens A 17-9 Wales

Mens B Group
Mens B 26-7 England B
Mens B 17-16 Scotland B
Mens B 26-7 v Wales B
Mens B 30-3 England B
Mens B 19-14 Scotland B
Mens B 27-6 Wales B
Mens B 17-8 Scotland B

Ladies Group
Ladies A 10-2 England B
Ladies B 8-4 Wales A
Ladies A 9-3 Wales A
Ladies B 7-5 England A
Ladies A 8-4 NI Ladies B
Ladies A 10-2 England
Ladies B 11-1 England B
Ladies A 7-1 Wales A
Ladies 7-1 England B

Mens Individual Final
P.Branchu (Scotland) 4-0 C.Healy (NI)

Ladies Individual Final
V.Taggart (NI) 4-1 F.McCann (NI)