Warm up matches

The last round of warm up matches took place on Sunday 11th September, before teams head off to the European Championships in Carlow this week.

In Shooters, Bangor, results were as follows -
NI 'A' Team 9-5 First & Last
Shooters 'A' 10-4 Shooters 'B'
NI 'A' Team 14-0 Shooters 'B'
Shooters 'A' 10-4 First & Last
Shooters 'B' 8-6 First & Last
NI 'A' Team 8-6 Shooters 'A'

9 points (31-11) -  NI 'A' Team 
6 points (26-16) -  Shooters 'A'
3 points (12-30) -  Shooters 'B'
0 points (15-27) -  First & Last

Top point scorers for the NI 'A' Team were Ed McDowell on 6/6 and Neil McKelvey on 5/6. Best of the rest were Shooters 'A' pair Davy Drysdale on 6/6 and Rodney Patterson on 4/4

Northern Ireland 'A' Team Captain, Darren Sterrett would like to thank Shooters owner John Lowry for his continued support and commitment in helping out our Pool Teams.

In Larne GRSC -
Larne League Select 25-11 NI Seniors 'B' Select

A very strong Larne League Select side had too much quality in depth for our Seniors 'B' Select Team. Session scores were as follows (7-2) (8-1) (6-3) (4-5)

Top scorer for the Seniors was Hugh McMurtry on 3/3. For the Larne lads Alan Johnston was on 4/4 and Stephen McWhirter on 3/3