Hull & Henderson lift the title

Well done to Lee Hull & Julie Henderson who have just become the 2012 Northern Ireland Mixed Doubles Champions. 18 teams entered the Competition which was held in the Ballymena United Social Club on Sunday 5th January. After beating 2011 Winners Dee Irwin & Sara Greenberg 4-1 in the Semi Finals, Hull & Henderson faced Rab Fee and Claire Stewart in the Final. Rab & Claire had made their way to the Final with a 12-0 wins to losses margin.

Lee Hull (Coleraine) & Julie Henderson (Coleraine) 4-2 Rab Fee (Antrim) & Claire Stewart (Antrim)

Fee/Stewart, Hull/Henderson, Fee/Stewart, Hull/Henderson, Hull/Henderson, Hull/Henderson

In the photo - TD Pauline Lynch (centre) presents Julie and Lee with their Winners trophies