2012 World Blackball Championships

Blackball International will host the 2012 World Championships in Blackpool, England.

The venue is the Norbreck Castle Hotel (pictured right) where play will start on Monday 29th October and conclude on Saturday 3rd November. 56 tables will be in play for the biennual event which was last held in 2010 in Limoges, France. Nations attending then included Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Southern Ireland, France, South Africa, Morrocco, Gibraltar, Catalonia, Libya, Tanzania and Catalonia.

NI Teams
Mens: Darren Sterrett (Manager), Lee Hull, Neil McKelvey, Sam Newell,  Ronan McCarthy
Ladies: Jean McIlroy (Temporary Manager), Alex Babb, Linzi McClelland, Sara Greenberg, Mary McCourt, Susan Graham
Seniors: Eric Sterrett (Manager), Kenny English, Stephen Johnston, Robert Hawkins, Davy McGurn, Davy Drysdale
Under 23s: John Lowry (Manager), Lee Wright, Jake McCready, Raymond Christie, Declan Duff, Barry Cunningham, Stephen McGurn
Mens Specials: Paddy Reid, Nigel Campbell, Mark Gray, John Henderson, Clifford McKendry
Wheelchair (Individual Event): Rab McMaw

Current World Champions
Mens  - Scotland
Ladies - South Africa
Seniors - France
Under 23s - Southern Ireland
Under 18s - Wales

Current World Individual Champions
Mens - Jayson Shaw (Scotland)
Ladies - Claire Dempster (Scotland)
Seniors - Martin Fisher (Scotland)
Under 23 - Davie Ryan (Scotland)
Under 18 - Michael Beckett (Wales)