Newell wins Seniors Tour

Well done to Sam Newell, who has just won the Shooters/Kingfisher 2011/2012 NI Seniors Tour. Finals Day took place in Shooters Sports Bar, Bangor on 17th June as 16 players vied for the top prize of £700. After 8 Tour Events over 9 months, Number One seed Newell beat Bill McIlroy in the Final to claim the title after a stamina draining day of Pool. Results as follows

Last 16
S.Newell 9-3 I.Wylie: R.Bowman 9-4 K.Geddis: D.McGurn 9-3 J.McCullough: D.Drysdale 9-1 J.Taylor: S.Johnston 9-2 E.Sterrett: B.McIlroy 9-2 K.English: R.Hawkins 9-3 R.Patterson: R.Stockman 9-4 H.McMurtry
Last 8
S.Newell 9-6 R.Bowman: D.Drysdale 9-8 D.McGurn: B.McIlroy 9-7 S.Johnston: R.Stockman 9-4 R.Hawkins
Last 4
S.Newell 9-5 D.Drysdale: B.McIlroy 9-3 R.Stockman
S.Newell (North Down) 9-4 B.McIlroy (Larne)

Newell, Newell, Newell, Newell, Newell, McIlroy, McIlroy, Newell, McIlroy, Newell, Newell, McIlroy, Newell

In the Plate Event Kenny English from Carrickfergus beat Jimmy McCullough from North Down by 6-3 in the Final.

Where the money went
£700 S.Newell
£360 B.McIlroy
£200 D.Drysdale, R.Stockman
£100 R.Hawkins, S.Johnston, R.Bowman, D.McGurn
£50  K.English, R.Patterson, H.McMurtry, K.Geddis, I.Wylie, J.McCullough, E.Sterrett J.Taylor

Top Photo
Shooters Owner John Lowry in the centre with Winner Sam Newell (right) and Runner Up Bill McIlroy (left)

Middle Photo
Plate Winner Kenny English (left) and Runner Up Jimmy McCullough (right)

Bottom photo
A group of players relaxing outside the venue before the start of Finals Day