Stockman tops the Seniors

Davy McGurn & Raymond Stockman

Well done to Raymond Stockman from Coleraine and Davy McGurn from Omagh. The duo finished 1st and 2nd respectively after 2 days of Seniors trials concluded in Shooters Sports Bar, Bangor on Sunday 2nd December. Both players win free return flights to the 2013 European Championships which will be held in Bridlington, England in March.

Scores (from a maximum possible 40 frames)

31 Raymond Stockman
30 Davy McGurn
29 Sam Newell
28 Robert Hawkins
27 Kenny English
26 Stephen Johnston
24 Davy Drysdale
22 Rodney Patterson
21 Joe Patton
20 Eric Sterrett
19 Hugh Regan
18 Ivan Christie, Dick Johnston
17 Jim Taylor
16 Hugh McMurtry
14 Brian Crilly, Kenny Geddis
13 Jimmy McCullough, Ian Wylie
12 Pat McKeown, Chris Jeffrouy
11 Mark Stockton
10 Alan Corrigan, Robert Bowman, Jean McIlroy, Michael Wilson
09 Davy Montgomery
08 Mark Marsh, Stephen Cully
07 Leonard McKee, Seamus McArdle
04 Mav Burns