McCullough win Trials

Herbie O'Neill and Rab McCullough

After 4 gruelling days of single frame pool in which 95 players played 2028 frames of Blackball Pool, Rab McCullough from Belfast has come out on top winning himself the top prize of automatic 'A' Team selection, return flights, 1 weeks accomodation and £100 spending money to the 2013 EBA European Championships in Bridlington in March this year. Play off results as follows -

Semi Finals
Rab McCullough (Belfast) 3-0 Dee Irwin (Belfast)
Herbie O'Neill (Newtownards) 3-0 Brian Crilly (Newtownards)
Rab McCullough 4-1 Herbie O'Neill

Other prizes won were 
Herbie O'Neill - Return flights and 1 weeks accomodation
Dee Irwin - Return flights
Brian Crilly - Return flights

12 other players guaranteed a place in 1 of our International Mens teams as follows -
Billy Moore, Marc Hutchinson, Tom McCorry, Shaun McAlister, Ady Toner, Gary Wallace, Jonny Mackay, Jonny Johnston, Gee Crawley, Tom Leggett, Steven Carson and Kenny English

Totals after a possible 60 frames 
45 Brian Crilly, Rab McCullough
44 Dee Irwin
42 Herbie O'Neill
41 Billy Moore
40 Marc Hutchinson
37 Tom McCorry, Shaun McAlister, Ady Toner, Gary Wallace, Jonny Mackay
36 Jonny Johnston, Gee Crawley
35 Tom Leggett, Steven Carson, Kenny English
34 Keith Hunter, Jonny Thompson
33 Bill McIlroy
32 Declan Duff, Darren Lowe, Damian McGarrell, Paul Roberts
31 Paul Harris, Tyler McConnell, Wayne Lewis, Andy McMeekin
30 Kyle Kirkwood, Lee Wright, Trevor Whiteside, Stuart Mulhearn, Neil Campbell
28 Dean McDonagh, Jackie Murdock, Ben Nesbitt, Colin Rafferty
27 Allen Tosh
26 Mervyn McIlvenny, Gary Johnston, Paddy Lynch
24 Paddy McGivern, Gavin Armstrong, Simon McKibben
22 Billyjoe Browne,
19 Derek Whiteside, Peter Leddy
18 Richard McMullen, Liam Kennedy
17 Craig Gawley, John Rodgers, Hugh Regan
16 Lee Hull, Scott McClelland, Jason Heffron, Tristan Scott-Heyes, John McNeilly
15 Keith Malcolmson, Andy Mackey, Phil Aston, Alex Irwin, Philip Houston, Matthew Wylie
14 Ricky Crooke, Ivan Christie, Tony Lipton, Gavin McClements, Richard Campbell, Pearce Sharratt, Paul McAlister
13 Adam Watt, Mark Davidson
12 Hugh McMurtry, Cathal Matthews, Graeme Larmour
11 Jimmy McGarrell
10 John McAllister
08 Lee Caulfield
07 Scott McQuiston, John Lowry, Che Regan, John Barrons, Steven Strain, Micky O'Boyle
06 Scott Beattie, Dijon McCorkell, Steven Magowan, Danny McKendry
05 Scott Hay, Jake McCready, Graeme Coillins, Edward Hunter, Brian Neil
04 Tony Tennyson
02 Adam Boyd
01 Rab Brown

A big thanks to all the players who took part over the 4 days, to Pauline Lynch, Robert Hawkins, Alec Irvine and Jean McIlroy at the top table and to the Committee and staff of the St Comgalls Club for all their help over the 2 days