NI Seniors (Over 40s) Tour Event 4, 3rd March

Mark Stockton and Davy McGurn

Last 16 (best of 11)

Davy McGurn 6-1 Ian Wylie
Raymond Stockman 6-1 Paul O'Connor
Stephen Johnston 6-5 Patrick Mullholland
Adrian O'Kane 6-2 David Adrain
Mark Stockton 6-1  Kenny Geddis
Jean McIlroy v Bye
Rodney Patterson 6-4 Sam Newell
Davy Drysdale 6-5 Robert Hawkins

Last 8 (best of 11)

Davy McGurn 6-3 Raymond Stockman
Stephen Johnston 6-1 Adrian O'Kane
Mark Stockton 6-0 Jean McIlroy
Rodney Patterson 5-6 Davy Drysdale

Semi Finals (best of 11)

Mark Stockton 6-3 Davy Drysdale
Stephen Johnston 2-6 Davy McGurn

Final (best of 11)

Davy McGurn (Omagh) 4-6 Mark Stockton (Omagh)

Final frames

McGurn, Stockton, McGurn, Stockton, Stockton, McGurn, Stockton, Stockton, McGurn, Stockton

The ballot for free entry into Event 5 which takes place in the Primacy Sports Bar in Bangor on 7th April, was won by Davy McGurn.

With 2 Events remaining before Finals Day, Lisburn's Stephen Johnston leads the table on 48 points, followed by Omagh's Davy McGurn on 43 and Larne's Robert Hawkins on 40.

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