It's Tommy again in Tour Event 3

Davy McGurn & Tommy Morrow

Well done to Tommy Morrow. The Ballymoney cueman has just won the NIPA Open Tour Event 3 which was held in The 147 Club, Omagh on Sunday 19th May. After racing into a 5-0 lead in the Final he held off a gutsy comeback from Omagh's Davy McGurn to eventually win 7-4, and lift the £300 winners prize. Tommy has now won the last two NIPA Tour events.

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1st Round
Rab McCullough 6-0 Darren Sterrett
Jason Heffron 6-0 Drew Sloan
Darren Lowe V-V Benny Redmond
Paddy Lynch 6-0 John Lowry
Damian Corrigan 6-0 Stuart Mulhearn
Stephen Johnston 6-0 Keith Malcolmson
William Irvine 6-0 Dee Irwin
Shaun McAlister 6-3 Steven Carson
Patrick Mulholland 3-6 David Blair
Bill McIlroy Jr 6-0 Richard Campbell
Lee Hull 6-0 Tristan Scott Heyes
Tommy Morrow 6-1 Herbie O'Neill
Wayne Lewis 4-6 Terry McDowell
Marc Hutchinson 6-0 Kenny English
Davy McGurn 6-0 Jonny Mackay
Tyler McConnell 6-0 Clem Howard

2nd Round
Sam Newell 6-1 Jason Heffron
Rab McCullough 6-3 Gary Johnston
Marc Hutchinson 6-0 Kyle Kirkwood
Davy McGurn 6-3 Ryan Foster
Tyler McConnell 6-0 Sara Greenberg
Damian Corrigan 1-6 Gary Clarke
Neil McKelvey 3-6 Lee Hull
Stephen Johnston 6-2 Barry Cunningham
William Irvine 1-6 Ronan McCarthy
Bill McIlroy 6-0 Ady Toner
Dean McDonagh 6-5 Paddy Lynch
Damian Reid 2-6 David Blair
Jean McIlroy 6-0 Bye
Peter Martin 2-6 Shaun McAlister
Robert Hawkins 3-6 Tommy Morrow
Colin Moore 6-5 Terry McDowell

Last 16
Sam Newell 6-1 Jean McIlroy
Bill McIlroy Jr 6-4 Tyler McConnell
Ronan McCarthy 6-1 Stephen Johnston
Shaun McAlister 6-2 Rab McCullough
David Blair 6-5 Dean McDonagh
Marc Hutchinson 1-6 Davy McGurn
Gary Clarke 6-3 Lee Hull
Tommy Morrow 6-4 Colin Moore

Last 8 
Gary Clarke 6-0 Bill McIlroy
Davy McGurn 6-2 David Blair
Sam Newell 4-6 Shaun McAlister
Ronan McCarthy 2-6 Tommy Morrow

Semi Finals
Shaun McAlister 5-6 Davy McGurn
Gary Clarke 4-6 Tommy Morrow

Final (best of 13)
Davy McGurn 4-7 Tommy Morrow

Final frames
Morrow, Morrow, Morrow, Morrow, Morrow, McGurn, McGurn, Morrow, McGurn, McGurn, Morrow