NI Ladies news

Exciting times ahead in the NI Ladies Pool Section, our next  Ranking Event will be held on Sunday 4th August in the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor, County Down

A new Ladies Competition has been announced. It is an end of year Supreme Player of the Season Competition for 2012/2013. Its an invitational event with Winners and Runners Up from the last 10 Ranking Events being eligible. An open draw will be done on the day with the Winner receiving £50 and a trophy. The event will take place in the Primacy Sports Bar on Sunday 7th July 2013 at 1.00pm. Entry is free as players have earned their place into the competition, matches are Best of 7 frames up to the final which is Best of 9.

Eligible Players so far
Sara Greenberg, Lyndsey Ruddock, Lesley Leddy, Angie Atcheson, Jean McIlroy, Roisin Smith, Maryjo McCourt, Linzi McClelland, Alex Babb, Elise Richardson, Sally Caughey, Natasha Hunter

Confirmed 2013/2014 Ladies Events for your calendar (Some venues TBC)
7th July 2013 - 2012/13 Supreme Player of the Season Competition (Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor)
4th August 2013 - Ranking Event (Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor)
1st September 2013 - Ranking Event
13th October 2013 - Ranking Event
3rd November 2013 - Ranking Event
1st December 2013 - Ranking Event
8th December 2013 - Northern Ireland Ladies Individual Championship
12th January 2014 - Ranking Event
2nd February 2014 - Ranking Event
9th March 2014 - Ranking Event
6th April 2014 - Ranking Event
11th May 2014 - Ranking Event
8th June 2014 - Ranking Event
6th July 2014 - 2013/14 Supreme Player of the Season Competition

Dates TBC
Northern Ireland Ladies and Mixed Doubles

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