NI Masters (Over 50s) Championship

Finalists, Johnston (left) and Cooper

Well done to Alan Johnston. The County Antrim cueist has just won the inaugural Northern Ireland Masters (Over 50s) Individual Championship beating Dessie Cooper in the Final. The event was held in The Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor on Sunday 2nd June.

Alan Johnston 6-1 Hugh Regan
Davy Drysdale 6-2 David Wright
Irvine Halliday 6-5 Eric Sterrett
Ian Wylie 6-2 Crawford Perry

Quarter Finals
Alan Johnston 6-4 Davy Drysdale
Irvine Halliday 6-4 Ian Wylie
Dessie Cooper 6-5 Robert Hawkins
Jim Taylor 6-3 John Hooks

Semi Finals
Alan Johnston 6-2 Irvine Halliday
Dessie Cooper 6-1 Jim Taylor

Alan Johnston (Larne) 6-2 Dessie Cooper (Ballymena)

Final frames
Johnston, Johnston 8BC, Cooper, Johnston, Johnston, Cooper, Johnston B&D, Johnston

Alan's win qualifies him to play in the NI Masters Invitational Competition on 30th June.