NIPA Open Tour Event 4

Sunday 23rd June sees the NIPA Open Tour Event 4 take place. It will be played to a group round robin format split between the Primacy Sports Bar in Bangor and Kimberley Jacksons (formerly The Huntsman) in Newtownards. There are some real mouth watering matches to look forward to, no more so than in Group 3.

Kimberley Jackson's (formerly The Huntsman) is at 8-10 Castle Street, Newtownards, BT23 7PA and has 6 Supreme tables in play.

GROUP 1 (Kimberley Jacksons,  10:00am start)
Colin Moore, Mark Hutchinson, Clem Howard, Herbie O'Neill, Gary Clarke, Gary Johnston

GROUP 2 (Kimberley Jacksons,  10:00am start)
Peter Martin, Johnny Mackay, Kyle Kirkwood, Jean McIlroy, Keith Malcolmson, Neil McKelvey

GROUP 3 (Kimberley Jacksons,  10:30am start)
Darren Sterrett, Davy McGurn, Damian Reid, Bill McIlroy Jr, Rab McCullough, Darren Lowe

GROUP 4 (Kimberley Jacksons,  10:30am start)
Tour 3 Finalists, Davy McGurn & Winner Tommy Morrow
Wayne Lewis, Patrick Mulholland, Sam Newell, Lee Hull, Davy Blair, Paddy Lynch

GROUP 5 (Primacy,  10:00am start)
Dee Irwin, Stephen Johnston, Sara Greenberg, Kenny English, Barry Cunningham, Steven Carson

GROUP 6 (Primacy,  10:00am start)
Tyler McConnell, Stuart Mulhearn, Damian Corrigan, Robert Hawkins, William Irvine, Ronan McCarthy

GROUP 7 (Primacy,  10:30am start)
Drew Sloan, Shaun McAlister, Tristan Scott-Heyes, Tommy Morrow, Benny Redmond, Richard Campbell

GROUP 8 (Primacy,  10:30am start)
Ryan Foster, Jason Heffron, Dean McDonagh, Terry McDowell, John Lowry, Ady Toner

> 8 groups of 6 (4 in Kimberley Jackson's, 4 in The Primacy)
> Round robin format, each player plays each other 3 frames.
> Each frame wins a player 1 point
> A player loses 1 frame for every 5 minutes they are late
> Top 2 from each group qualify for Last 16 Knockout stage (to be played in Kimberley Jacksons)
> Last 16 = Best of 11
> Quarter Finals = Best of 11
> Semi Finals = Best of 11
> Final = Best of 13 
> Full NIPA dress code

To view the Tour table after the 3rd event click on this link