Tour standings

Open Tour Mens 2014 International teams' selection leaderboard with lowest single points at one given event dropped as set out in selection criteria. There is one competition with Ranking Points remaining, the Mens Northern Ireland 2013 Individual Championship at the Lodge Hotel on Sunday 24th November 2013. On how to enter, see post on down page

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550 Tommy Morrow
315 Rab McCullough
290 Drew Sloan
230 Bill McIlroy Jr, Davy McGurn
225 Gary Clarke
220 Stephen Johnston
215 Sam Newell
195 Shaun McAlister, Neil McKelvey, Damian Corrigan,
185 Steven Carson
170 Colin Moore
150 Ryan Foster, Robert Hawkins, Dean McDonagh, David Blair
145 Marc Hutchinson
140 Tyler McConnell, Barry Cunningham, Jason Heffron
130 Gary Johnston, Herbie O'Neill, Ronan McCarthy, Kenny English
120 Terry McDowell
110 Kyle Kirkwood, William Irvine, Richard Campbell, Wayne Lewis, Damian Reid, Paddy Lynch, Patrick Mulholland
100 Keith Malcolmson, Stuart Mulhearn
090 Benny Redmond, Darren lowe, Lee Hull, Peter Martin
070 John Lowry, Tristan Scott-Heyes
060 Johnny Mackay
050 Ady Toner, Darren Sterrett
030 Clem Howard, Dee Irwin