Irwin storms to title

Congratulations to Dee Irwin. The Belfast cueist is the new Northern Ireland Seniors (Over 40s) Individual Champion. The Championship which was held on Sunday 27th October, in Kimberley Jacksons, Newtownards attracted a fantastic entry of 51 players. Runner up was the excellent John Tennyson who defeated 2012 & 2013 winner Ronan McCarthy in a nailbiting Semi Final. Dee is now guaranteed selection onto the NI Seniors 'A' Team participating in the 2014 European & World Championships.

Irwin, pictured top right, scooped the £340 top prize with Tennyson below, taking home a healthy £170. Results as follows.

Prelims - Best of  7
Jimmy McCullough 4-0 Jean McIlroy
Robert Hawkins 4-1 Craig Robson
Ronan McCarthy 4-1 Stephen Johnston
Brian Crilly 4-0 Jim Taylor
Hugh Regan 4-3 Davy Drysdale
Gary Johnston 4-1 Robert Henderson
Robert Bowman 2-4 Ellis Martin
Stuart McCormack 1-4 Michael Wilson
Davy Montgomery 4-3 Sara Greenberg
Bill McIlroy 4-3 John McClean
Alan Johnston 4-2 Ivan Christie
Gary Ormandy 4-0 Gary Patterson
Rab Brown 4-0 Stephen Crawford
Glen Russell 4-1 Paul Withers
Roy Nesbitt 1-4 Kenny Geddis
John McNeilly 4-1 James Meredith
Greg Stevenson 4-1 Neil Campbell
Henry McClure 0-4 James McGarrell
Jim Gourley 2-4 Stephen Burns

Last 32 - Best of 7
Hugh Regan 4-0 Gary Johnston
Eddie Gribben 1-4 Brian Crilly
Robert Hawkins 4-2 Jimmy McCullough
Damian McGarrell 1-4 Ronan McCarthy
Ian Wylie 4-2 Raymond Stockman
Ellis Martin 3-4 John Tennyson
Michael Wilson 4-0 Davy Montgomery
Bill McIlroy 4-3 Alan Johnston
Gary Ormsandy 4-3 Mark Marsh
Tony Tennyson 3-4 Rab Brown
Kenny Geddis 4-1 Glenn Russell
Kenny English 0-4 John McNeilly
Gerry McCorry 2-4 Alan Corrigan
Greg Stevenson 1-4 James McGarrell
Dee Irwin 4-3 Stephen Burns
Rodney Patterson 4-3 Raymond Crowe

Last 16 - Best of 7
Brian Crilly 4-1 Hugh Regan
Ronan McCarthy 4-1 Robert Hawkins
John Tennyson 4-0 Ian Wylie
Michael Wilson 4-2 Bill McIlroy
Rab Brown 1-4 Gary Ormandy
John McNeilly 1-4 Kenny Geddis
Alan Corrigan 4-3 James McGarrell
Rodney Patterson 0-4 Dee Irwin

Last 8 - Best of 7
Ronan McCarthy 4-1 Brian Crilly
Michael Wilson 0-4 John Tennyson
Gary Ormandy 3-4 Kenny Geddis
Dee Irwin 4-2 Alan Corrigan

Semi Finals - Best of 9
Ronan McCarthy 4-5 John Tennyson
Dee Irwin 5-0 Kenny Geddis

Final - Best of 9
Dee Irwin (Belfast) 5-3 John Tennyson (Antrim)

Irwin 8BC, Irwin, Tennyson 8BC, Tennyson, Tennyson, Irwin, Irwin, Irwin

Thanks go to TD on the day Trevor Harte and to referee Alec Irvine.

Apologies to the hundreds of you visiting our website for live match results. The internet connection in Kimberley Jacksons went down mid afternoon and we weren't able to re-connect