Seniors Trials Day 1 Leaderboard

Below is the table after Day 1 of the Seniors 2014 International Trials. The event was held in the 147 Club, Omagh on Sunday 15th December. Billy Moore from Coleraine (pictured right) leads the way with a superb score of 17. Darren Sterrett from North Down is in 2nd on 14. Day 2 will take place in The Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor on Sunday 5th January after which managers will select their teams for the 2014 European Championships in Bridlington, England.

Points (out of a possible 20) 

17 Billy Moore
14 Darren Sterrett
13 Rodney Patterson
12 Sam Newell, Raymond Stockman
11 Stephen Johnston, Mark Marsh, Kenny Geddis
10 Robert Henderson, John Barrons
09 Raymond Crowe Kenny English, Rab Brown
08 Greg Stevenson, Paul O'Connor
06 Lee Caulfield, Patrick Mulholland
05 Davy Montgomery