NIPA 2014 Open Tour Event 1

Finalists, Tommy Morrow & Sam Newell

Well done to Tommy Morrow. The Ballymoney man stormed to victory in the NIPA Open Tour Event 1 in the 147 Club in Omagh on Sunday 23rd February. Tommy won 35 frames for the loss of only 9 on his way to success. Runner Up was Sam Newell from North Down who was also in fine form on the day. The next tour, Event 2, is on Sunday 16th March in the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor.


Gary Johnston 4-7 Ryan Foster
Rab McCullough 7-2 Peter Leddy
Mary McCourt 3-7 Sam Newell
Robert Hawkins 7-5 Michael Higgins
Kenny English 5-7 Dean McDonagh
Greg Stevenson 1-7 Tommy Morrow
Ronan McCarthy 7-3 Shaun McAlister
Ben Nesbitt 3-7 Brian Crilly

Round 1

Ryan Foster 7-4 Willie Eakin
Rab McCullough 7-4 Patrick Mulholland
Sam Newell 7-1 Damian Corrigan
Robert Hawkins 3-7 Steven McGurn
Dean McDonagh 7-2 Stephen Johnston
Tommy Morrow 7-1 Tyler McConnell
Ronan McCarthy 7-0 Wayne Lewis
Brian Crilly 1-7 Davy McGurn

Quarter Final

Ryan Foster 6-7 Rab McCullough
Sam Newell 7-2 Steven McGurn
Dean McDonagh 1-7 Tommy Morrow
Ronan McCarthy 7-0 Davy McGurn

Semi Final

Rab McCullough 4-7 Sam Newell
Tommy Morrow 7-4 Ronan McCarthy

Final (best of 13)

Tommy Morrow (Ballymoney) 7-2 Sam Newell (Bangor)

Final frames

Newell, Morrow, Morrow, Morrow, Morrow, Morrow, Morrow, Newell, Morrow