Superb Clarke storms to Open Tour Event 2

What a fantastic performance by Gary Clarke yesterday 16th March in the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor in the NIPA Open Tour Event No 2. The Ballymena man stormed to victory wining some tough matches including the all important one against current Northern Ireland Individual Champion Ronan McCarthy in a nail biting final. It was one of the best ever finals witnessed at an NIPA event as Gary won the 13th and deciding frame in a match that seen 3 break and dishes and 6x eight ball clearances. For the next event, Open Tour 3, we head to Coleraine with Potters Snooker & Pool Club being our hosts on Sunday 6th April.

Live from the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor 16th March

Rab McCullough 7-4 Wayne Lewis
Damian Corrigan 6-7 Gary Crawford
Sam Newell 4-7 Gary Clarke
Stephen Johnston 7-1 Gary Johnston
Peter Leddy 7-3 Michael Higgins
John Hooks 2-7 Robert Hawkins
Maryjo McCourt 0-7 Kenny English
Paddy Mulholland 1-7 Ryan Foster
Steven McGurn 2-7 Ronan McCarthy
Dean McDonagh 7-6 Tyler McConnell

Round 1
Rab McCullough 7-5 Gary Crawford
Gary Clarke 7-2 Stephen Johnston
Peter Leddy 0-7 Robert Hawkins
Kenny English 4-7 Ryan Foster
Ronan McCarthy 7-2 Dean McDonagh
Davy McGurn 5-7 Mark Stockton
Greg Stevenson 7-6 Tom Leggett
Brian Crilly 7-1 Ben Nesbitt

Quarter Finals
Rab McCullough 4-7 Gary Clarke
Robert Hawkins 7-3 Ryan Foster
Ronan McCarthy  7-1 Mark Stockton
Greg Stevenson 5-7 Brian Crilly

Semi Finals
Gary Clarke 7-2 Robert Hawkins
Ronan McCarthy 7-3 Brian Crilly

Final (Best of 13)
Ronan McCarthy (Newtownards) 6-7 Gary Clarke (Ballymena)

Final Frames
Clarke, McCarthy 8BC, Clarke 8BC, McCarthy 8BC, Clarke, Clarke 8BC, McCarthy, McCarthy 8BC, McCarthy B&D, Clarke B&D, McCarthy 8BC, Clarke B&D, Clarke