Airport transfers to and from Bridlington

For anyone travelling to Bridlington on 25th April on the 13:20pm Flybe flight from George Best City Aiport (Flight BE 735) to Leeds Bradford and returning on Friday 2nd May on the 11:00am Flybe flight (Flight BE 736), a coach has been booked for transfers from and to the airports.

If your name is not on the list below and you would like to book a seat, please call 07970 450050. Price dependent on number.

Stephen Johnston Angie Carson Dessie Cooper
Sara Greenberg Rab Brown Stephen Burns
Jean McIlroy Tyler McConnell Kenny Geddis
Eric Sterrett Mary Cunningham Mark Marsh
Maryjo McCourt Sally Caughey Bill McIlroy Jr
Lyndsey Ruddick Lee Caulfield Tony Tennyson
Robert Hawkins
Ady Toner
Paddy McGivern
Heather Hawkins Raymond Stockman Johnny Mackay
Alan Johnston
Gemma Buck
Keith Hunter
John Barrons Steven Strain Gary Wylie
Paul Francey Neil McKelvey Willie Eakin

Return journey only

Davy McGurn

Damian Corrigan