Open Tour Event 3 (Potters, Coleraine)

Finalists, Tommy Morrow (left) and Jack Li

There were some fantastic personal performances at the NIPA Open Tour Event 3 yesterday, but when the final black of the day was potted it was Event 1 winner and overall 2013 Tour Winner Tommy Morrow who took home the top prize after another top class display of attacking Pool. The event was held in Potters Snooker & Pool Club, Coleraine. For our next Event we head to the Primacy Sports Bar in Bangor on Sunday 4th May. Everyone welcome.

PRELIMS (Best of 13)
Kenny English 6-7 Steven McGurn
Tyler McConnell 7-6 Stephen Johnston
Gary Johnston 5-7 Ady Toner
Jack Li 7-4 Wayne Lewis
Paddy Lynch 7-2 Paddy Mulholland
Andrew Patterson 6-7 Ryan Foster
Ronan McCarthy 7-1 Sam Newell
Willie Eakin 7-5 Drew Sloan
Tony Tennyson 7-0 Greg Stevenson
Robert Hawkins 0-7 Damian Corrigan
Kenny Geddis 6-7 Davy McGurn
Paddy McGivern 3-7 Michael Higgins

1ST ROUND (Best of 13)
Steven McGurn 5-7 Tyler McConnell
Ady Toner 6-7 Jack Li
Paddy Lynch 3-7 Ryan Foster
Ronan McCarthy 7-0 Willie Eakin
Tony Tennyson 1-7 Damian Corrigan
Davy McGurn 7-2 Michael Higgins
Tommy Morrow 7-1 Peter Leddy
Lee Hull 3-7 Rab McCullough

Tyler McConnell 6-7 Jack Li 
Ryan Foster 6-7 Ronan McCarthy 
Damian Corrigan 4-7 Davy McGurn
Tommy Morrow 7-6 Rab McCullough

SEMI FINALS (Best of 13)
Jack Li 7-4 Ronan McCarthy
Davy McGurn 4-7 Tommy Morrow

FINAL (Best of 13)
Jack Li (Belfast) 3-7 Tommy Morrow (Ballymoney)

Morrow Morrow Li Morrow Morrow Morrow Li Morrow Li Morrow

Tour table (After Event 3)
300 Tommy Morrow
250 Ronan McCarthy
175 Rab McCullough
165 Davy McGurn
160 Sam Newell
150 Ryan Foster, Gary Clarke
145 Robert Hawkins
120 Steven McGurn, Damian Corrigan, Tyler McConnell
115 Brian Crilly
110 Greg Stevenson, Stephen Johnston, Peter Leddy
100 Jack Li, Paddy Mulholland, Wayne Lewis, Kenny English, Mark Higgins
  90 Dean McDonagh, Gary Johnston
  80 Willie Eakin
  60 Ben Nesbitt, Mary McCourt 
  50 Mark Stockton
  40 Lee Hull, Tony Tennyson, Paddy Lynch, Tom Leggett, Gary Crawford, Ady Toner 
  30 Shaun McAlister, John Hooks, Kenny Geddis, Andrew Patterson, Drew Sloan