Extra Individual entries at 2014 World Championships

Perth, Scotland

Any member of the NIPA who would like the opportunity to compete with the Worlds finest players at the 2014 Blackball International World Championships in Scotland please email nipablackball@yahoo.co.uk

Competing Nations are being allocated limited extra spaces for each of the various Individual sections, cost is £20. Any extra players entered via the NIPA will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements. At present the playing schedule is not available but will be forwarded on to anyone who is travelling over as soon as it is released. Any player entering into the ""Individuals only"" at the World Championships in Perth shall still be allowed to enter the Team events at the Nations Cup in Coleraine. 

Conditions - Players cannot apply for one of these extra places if they turn down selection for an 'A' Team. Equally if players avail of one of these extra places and subsequently turn down playing in the Nations Cup then the place shall be taken back off them regardless of any travel or accommodation arrangements already made.