Mens B2 Warm Up / Fundraiser

New Mens B2 Manager Trevor Whiteside had his first team get together with a friendly against a Swift Select in the Swift Bar, Carrickfergus on Saturday 2nd August.

Although the B2s lost 38-27 it was an invaluable get together for the team ahead of the 2014 EBA Nations Cup in November.

Session scores were (B2s first) -
4-9 5-8 5-8 7-6 6-7 

Rab Butler beat Kenny English in the Final of the Individual Competition whilst Derek Whiteside won the Texas Holdem event afterwards.

Mens B2s (Photo)
Back - Paul Roberts, Paul Harris, Paul Francey, Stephen Herron
Front - Tyler McConnell, Kyle Kirkwood, Scott Hay, Jonny Johnston, Trevor Whiteside, Gary Crawford, Wayne Lewis

Swift Select
Rab McCullough, Rab Butler, Kenny English, Jonny Mackay, Robert Hawkins, Rab Brown, Derek Whiteside, Darren Whiteside, Gary Neeson, Alaister Wilson, Gee Crawley