Seniors Tour Event 1 Sunday 7th September

Congratulations to North Down's Sam Newell on winning the new NIPA Seniors (Over 40s) Tour Event 1. The Competition was played in the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor and 25 players competed for points to go towards finals day for which the Top 16 qualify. But what a great performance too by Runner Up Paddy Mulholland from Antrim. He made his way to the final where in frame 10 he potted the black which would have taken it into a deciding frame, only to watch the white trickle slowly into the corner pocket.

The next event will be held in Potters Snooker & Pool Club, Coleraine on Sunday 12th October

Tour details and up to date table HERE

Prelims - Race to 6
James Gourley 2-6 Gary Johnston
Jim Taylor 2-6 Rodney Patterson
Greg Stevenson 6-1 Jean McIlroy
Mark Marsh 2-6 Kenny English
Alan Johnston 2-6 Dee Irwin
Sara Greenberg 2-6 Stephen Johnston
Paddy Mulholland 6-4 Jimmy McCullough
Tony Tennyson 2-6 Kenny Geddis
John Tennyson 5-6 Neil Campbell

Last 16 - Race to 6
Gary Johnston 6-2 Rodney Patterson
Greg Stevenson 6-4 Kenny English
Dee Irwin 2-6 Stephen Johnston
Paddy Mulholland 6-3 Kenny Geddis
Neil Campbell 6-3 Mark Stockton
Rab Brown 5-6 Raymond Crowe
James McGarrell 2-6 Sam Newell
Raymond Stockman 6-2 Robert Hawkins

Last 8 - Race to 6
Gary Johnston 5-6 Greg Stevenson
Stephen Johnston 5-6 Paddy Mulholland
Neil Campbell 6-4 Raymond Crowe
Sam Newell 6-1 Raymond Stockman

Semi Final - Race to 6
Greg Stevenson 4-6 Paddy Mulholland
Neil Campbell 4-6 Sam Newell

Final - Race to 6
Paddy Mulholland (Antrim) 4-6 Sam Newell (North Down)

Final frames
Newell Mulholland Mulholland Mulholland Newell Newell Newell Newell Mulholland Newell