NIPA Ladies Tour EVENT 1 Results

Finalists, Maryjo McCourt and Tasha Magill

Well done to Maryjo McCourt who has just won Event 1 in the new NIPA Ladies Pool Tour. In a fantastic entry, 20 girls took to the green baize in the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor, Sunday 18th January.

The next Event is also in the PRIMACY SPORTS BAR, BANGOR on 29th March. If you missed Event 1 it is still not too late to enter, so mark it in your diary and come along to Event 2.

CLICK ON HERE for all the TOUR details and the updated ranking table after TOUR E1

Maryjo McCourt 4-1 Elise Richardson
Sally Caughey 4-3 Kathy Leddy
Sara Greenberg 4-3 Kim Dockery
Tasha Magill 4-1 Wendy Long
Maryjo McCourt 4-2 Sally Caughey
Sara Greenberg 4-1 Roisin Smyth
Linzi McClelland 4-1 Emma Service
Jean McIlroy 4-1 Susan Graham
Mary Cunningham 4-3 Joanne Podylski
Tasha Magill 4-3 Angie Willis
Helena Knox 4-0 Una Zuzane
Krissie Cutler 4-3 Andrea McAllister
Maryjo McCourt 4-2 Sara Greenberg
Jean McIlroy 4-3 Linzi McClelland
Tasha Magill 4-1 Mary Cunningham
Krissie Cutler 4-2 Helena Knox
Maryjo McCourt 4-0 Jean McIlroy
Tasha Magill 4-0 Krissie Cutler
Maryjo McCourt (Belfast) 4-3 Tasha Magill (Craigavon)