Coach from Leeds/Bradford Airport to Bridlington

Anyone wanting to book a seat on a coach from Leeds/Bradford Airport to Bridlington and on the return journey, please contact Jean McIlroy on Facebook or call or text 07921 825336

Price dependent on numbers travelling

To meet Flybe flight number BE735 from Belfast City Airport to Leeds/Bradford Airport on Friday 10th April at 09.35am

Return on Flybe flight number BE732 from Leeds/Bradford Airport to Belfast City Airport on Friday 17th April at 14.35pm

So far
Jean McIlroy, Sara Greenberg, Rab Butler, Katrina McVeigh, Roisin Smith, Sally Caughey, Susan Graham, Julie Henderson, Maryjo McCourt, Una Zuzane, Angie Willis, Mary Cunningham, Joanne Podbylski, Chloe Bailie, Raymond Stockman, Tyler McConnell, Johnny Mackay, Hugh Regan, Ady Toner, Eric Sterrett, Drew Sloan, Willie Eakin, James Meredith
Return journey only
Robert Hawkins, Heather Hawkins