Safe journeys

Wishing a safe return journey to the Specials party and a safe journey over to Bridlington for the Mens, Ladies, Seniors and Masters squads


MENS A - Ady Toner (M), Gary Wallace, Ricky Clyde, Jimmy Moore, Lee Hull, Gee Crawley
MENS B1 - Rab McCullough (M), Trevor Whiteside, Kyle Kirkwood, Aaron Leslie, Johnny Mackay, Marty Quigg, Barry Cunningham, Paddy Lynch, Johnny Johnston, Paul Roberts, Iain Britton, Paul Harris, Rab Butler

LADIES A - Jean McIlroy (M), Julie Henderson, Collette Henricksen, Mary Cunningham, Tasha Magill, Sara Greenberg, Claire Stewart, Michelle Roonay
LADIES B1 - Susan Graham (M), Alex Babb, Andrea McAllister, Linzi McClelland, Clare Roberts, Roisin Smith, Angie Carson, Angie Willis
LADIES B2 - Joanne Podbylski (M), Kathy Leddy, Sally Caughey, Katrina McVeigh, Susan Dunbar,  Andrea Reid, Linzi Ross

SENIORS A - Brian Crilly (M), Willie Eakin, Michael Wilson, Craig Robson, Gary Johnston
SENIORS B1 - Dessie Cooper (M), Paul Francey, Chris Halloran, Jan Orr, Greg Stevenson, Andy McMeekin
SENIORS B2 - Paul Withers (M), Kenny English, Paddy McGivern, Daniel Clarke, Kevin McCorry, Tristan Scott-Heyes

MASTERS A - Eric Sterrett (M), Stephen Johnston, Raymond Stockman, Bill McIlroy Sr, Robert Hawkins, Alan Johnston, Davy Drysdale
MASTERS B1 - Hugo Manson (M), Alan Corrigan, Joe Patton, Ivan Christie, Kenny Geddis, Hugh Regan, Raymond Crowe