2016 Champions of Champions and Masters Invitational events

CHAMPIONS OF CHAMPIONS (Sunday 5th June 2016, Q.Club, Larne)

The following teams from NIPA affiliated Leagues have qualified for the 2016 Champions of Champions event in June. The Thatch Bar (Larne League) pictured right have won the event for three years in a row, can anyone stop them from making it four ?

Where - The Q.Club, Larne
When - Sunday 5th June 2016
Team Registration closes at 11.00am. One player from a team can register for the whole team. Any team not registered by 11.00am will lose one frame for every 5 minutes they are late in registering.  Teams can register a maximum of 8 players
Venue - Open from 9.30am
Dress code - yes, NIPA
Format - 5 A Side. KNOCK OUT and PLATE
Eligibility - To be eligible to play, a player must be registered with a team playing in the Competition and have played in a minimum of 3 League matches for that team in the season ending 2015/2016. Teams must have a minimum of 4 players to enter.
Connollys (Ballymena League Champions) - Alan Davidson
In Betweeners (Ballymena League Runners Up) - Philip Houston
McMullans (East Down League Champions) - Tom Morgan
Russell's Bar (East Down Cup Winners) - Mark Magoran
Potters Aces (Coleraine League Champions) - Geoffrey Boreland
Potters 'A' (Coleraine League Runners Up) - Willie Eakin
The Oaks (Ballynahinch League Champions) - Sam McCleery
Ramery Inn - (Ballynahinch Cup Winners) - Charlie Sloan
Sharks (ND & A League Champions) - Jake McCready
Imperial (ND&A League Runners Up) - Darren Sterrett
Hasbeens (Ballyclare League Champions) - Iain Britton
McConnells (Carrick League Champions) - Jeff Moore
Swift (Carrick League Runners Up) - Paul Roberts
Barracudas (Ards League Champions) - Steven Strain
First and Last 'A' (Ards Cup Winners) - Stewart McCormick
Thatch Bar (Larne League Champions) - Bryan McWhirter
Saints (Larne Cup Winners) - Dean McDonagh
Wayside Inn (Ballyclare Cup Winners) -Kyle Kirkwood
Drumaness GAC - (Castlewellan League Winners) - Brendan Blaney
Townhouse - (Castlewellan Cup Winners) - Chris Anderson
Coach Club 'A' - (Dromara League Winners) - Colin Carlisle
Leapogue Lads - (Dromara Cup Winners) - Raymond Jess


MASTERS INVITATIONAL (Sunday 12th June 2016, Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor)

The following players from NIPA affiliated Leagues have qualified for the 2016 Masters Invitational event in June. Current Champion is 22 year old James Nesbitt from Coleraine (pictured right)

What - 2016 NIPA Masters Invitational
When - Sunday 12th June
Where - Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor
Venue - Open from 9.30am
Time - Registration closes at 11.00am
Dress code - Yes
Format - Straight Knock Out

Robert Bowman (Masters Individual Champion)
Maryjo McCourt (Ladies Individual Champion)
Davy Drysdale (Seniors Individual Champion)
Tramayne Beattie (Open Individual Champion)

John Barrons (Seniors Individual Champion)
Alaister Wilson (Open Individual Champion)

Pat McAnally (Open Individual Champion)
Gary Ormandy (Masters Individual Champion)

Kevin Dickson (Open Individual Champion)

Lee McIlreavy (Under 23 Champion)
Robert Hawkins (Masters Champion)
Sara Greenberg (Ladies Champion)
Paul Henderson (Seniors Champion)
Kenny English (Open Individual Champion)

Paul Carville (Open Individual Champion)

Corey Sweeney (Open Individual and Under 23 Champion)
Willie Eakin (Seniors Champion)
Raymond Stockman (Masters Champion)

Stephen Johnston (Open & Masters Individual Champion)
Gary Whiteside (Seniors Individual Champion)

Wayne Beggs (Open Individual Champion)

Duane Croskery (Open Individual Champion)

Bill McIlroy Sr (Seniors Individual Champion)
Gary Johnston (Under 23 Individual Champion)
Ed McDowell (Open Individual Champion)
Dessie Cooper (Masters Individual Champion)


????? (Open Individual Champion) Playing 1st June

James Nesbitt (NI Masters Invitational Champion)
Ronan McCarthy (NI Mens Individual Champion)
Collette Henriksen (NI Ladies Individual Champion)
Neil McKelvey (NI Seniors Individual Champion)
Bill McIlroy Sr (NI Masters Individual Champion)
Declan Duff (NI Under 23 Individual Champion)
Gerard McDermott (NI Under 18 Individual Champion)
Aaron Rolston (NI Under 15 Individual Champion)
Paddy Reid (NI Special Pool Mens Individual Champion)
Valerie Taggart (NI Special Pool Ladies Individual Champion)

Collette Henricksen (European Individual & Nations Cup Individual Ladies Champion)
Stephen Johnston (European Nations Individual Masters Champion)