Masters Trials final standings

Congratulations to Joe Patton (Belfast) who was the winner at Day 2 of the NIPA Masters Trials. The event was held in the Q.Club, Larne on Saturday 21st May. Teams to compete in the 2016 EBA Nations Cup in Coleraine will be confirmed in the coming days.

Final standings from the Masters Trials are as follows

01. Rodney Patterson
02. Joe Patton
03. Gary Patterson
03. Raymond Crowe
05. Alan Corrigan
05. Kenny Geddis
07. Jimmy McCullough
07. Jim Taylor
09. John Holland
09. Paul O'Connor
11. Hugh Regan
12. Ivan Christie
13. Robert Bowman
14. Kieran O'Prey
15. David Wright
15. Gordon McCormick

Day 2 results /30
21 Joe Patton
20 Rodney Patterson
19 Gary Patterson, Kenny Geddis
16 Alan Corrigan
15 Paul O'Connor
13 Ivan Christie, Raymond Crowe
12 Jimmy McCullough, John Holland
11 Hugh Regan