International warm up day

A great day of pool was had in the Primacy Sports Bar as some of the NIPA teams representing TEAM NI at the upcoming International events in Killarney & Coleraine held a warm up tournament. And it was Rab Brown's Seniors B1 Team who took the honours on the day with solid performances throughout beating the Primacy Select 4-0 in the final. Results as follows.

Session 1
Seniors A 3-4 Seniors B1
Masters A 4-3 Seniors B2
Ladies A 3-4 Primacy Select
Session 2
Seniors A 2-5 Primacy Select
Ladies A 6-1 Masters A
Seniors B1 6-1 Seniors B2
Session 3
Masters A 4-3 Primacy Select
Seniors B1 6-1 Ladies A
Seniors B2 3-4 Seniors A
Session 4
Masters A 3-4 Seniors A
Seniors B1 3-4 PrimacySelect
Seniors B2 4-3 Ladies A
Session 5
Masters A 5-2 Seniors B1
Seniors B2 4-3 Primacy Select
Seniors A 6-1 Ladies

Semi Finals
Seniors B1 4-0 Masters A
Primacy Select 4-3 Seniors A

Seniors B1 4-0 Primacy Select

Thanks go to the Primacy Bar for putting up £200 sponsorship towards the event prize fund.