NI leg of the IPA World Series Schedule

Legs of the IPA World Series are being held in Gibraltar, South Africa, Malta, Southern Ireland and Norway. The IPA are taking Blackball Pool to a new level and have recently just announced a groundbreaking sponsorship deal with Corals Bookmakers. We are delighted to welcome the IPA over to NI and we hope they enjoy their trip.

IPA players travelling to NI are - Marc Farnsworth (World Ranked No.1), Gareth Hibbott (9), Kristian Phillips (12), Nicky Griffiths (30) and Rob Donkin (A)

Come along to the Primacy Sports Bar on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to watch and relax with the best in the business.

FRIDAY 18th NOVEMBER (Primacy, Bangor)
7.00pm - IPA PROFESSIONAL SEMI FINAL 1 - Gareth Hibbott v Nicky Griffiths
8.30pm - IPA PROFESSIONAL SEMI FINAL 2 - Marc Farnsworth v Kristian Phillips
10.00pm - LAST MAN STANDING Open to 5 IPA players & NIPA members in the venue)

SATURDAY 19th NOVEMBER (Primacy, Bangor)
4.00pm - NIPA v IPA (5 person team event)
6.30pm - £100 A MAN EVENT - 5 IPA players & 3 NIPA members. (Any NIPA member who wishes to be considered to play please contact Robert on 07970 450050 for details)

SUNDAY 20th NOVEMBER (Primacy, Bangor)
1.00pm - NIPA/IPA INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGE CUP LAST 16 TO A FINISH (11 NIPA qualifiers & 5 IPA players)
NI QUALIFIERS - Tommy Morrow, Wayne Lewis, Colin Moore, Kenny English, Greg Stevenson, Tyler McConnell, Tasha Magill, Maryjo McCourt, Neil McFaul, Ryan Marcus, Adam Freeburn
6.00pm - IPA PROFESSIONAL FINAL - Hibbott or Griffiths v Farnsworth or Phillips

NIPA dress code applies to all events

T&C suject to change. More details to follow