Magic McGurn wins Tour Event 1

What a fantastic achievement by 20 year old Steven McGurn. From a field of 58 the Omagh cueist stormed to victory in the new NIPA Handicapped Tour (Event 1) on Sunday 22nd January in the Q.Club, Larne. His path to the Final was formidable, Oisin Wallace, Ellis Martin, Colin Moore, Gary Johnston Jr and Ronan McCarthy all fell before McGurn met his Omagh counterpart 18 year old Gerard McDermott who had also excelled  defeating some top players along the way. But McGurn wasn't to be denied and ran out a comfortable 5-1 winner on the day. Well done to both and thanks to everyone who attended.

01/ Mark Stockton 5-2 Simon McConnell
02/ Adam Freeburn 3-5 Gary Johnston Jr
03/ Kyle Kirkwood 3-5 Declan McMahon
04/ Paddy Mulholland 1-5 Ian Boal
05/ Declan McConville 2-5 Colin Moore
06/ Ricky Clyde 5-3 Stephen Johnston
07/ Oisin Wallace 2-5 Steven McGurn
08/ Gavin Doran 3-5 Ellis Martin
09/ Sam Newell V Bye
10/ Galvin McDermott V Bye
11/ Ronan McCarthy 5-1 Ryan Scott
12/ Paddy McGivern 5-4 Alan Rainey
13/ Iain Britton 5-3 Uel Stewart
14/ Andrew Patterson 2-5 Declan Duff
15/ Ryan Foster V Bye
16/ Gary Davidson 5-2 Ivan Christie
17/ Jean McIlroy 3-5 Robert McCullough
18/ Paddy Lynch 0-5 Aaron Leslie
19/ Lee Hull 5-1 Gary Clarke
20/ Connor McCann 5-2 Jason Davidson
21/ Steven Strain 5-4 Michael Thompson
22/ Gavin Patton 3-5 Raymond Stockman
23/ Ciaran Reid 3-5 Davy McGurn
24/ Michael Higgins 3-5 John McAllister
25/ Dean McDonagh 4-5 Sara Greenberg
26/ James Nesbitt 2-5 Tommy Morrow
27/ Kenny English 4-5 Emmet Maguire
28/ Raymond Christie 4-5 Gerard McDermott
29/ Gary Johnston Sr 5-3 Mark Davidson
30/ Gerry McCorry V Bye
31/ Neil McFaul V Bye
32/ Callum McGlinchey V Bye
Mark Stockton 3-5 Gary Johnston Jr
Declan McMahon 5-1 Ian Boal
Colin Moore 5-3 Ricky Clyde
Steven McGurn 5-4 Ellis Martin
Sam Newell 0-5 Galvin McDermott
Ronan McCarthy 5-2 Paddy McGivern
Iain Britton 5-4 Declan Duff
Ryan Foster 5-3 Gary Davidson
Rab McCullough 5-4 Aaron Leslie
Lee Hull 5-3 Connor McCann
Steven Strain 2-5 Raymond Stockman
Davy McGurn 5-3 John McAllister
Sara Greenberg 2-5 Tommy Morrow
Emmet Maguire 4-5 Gerard McDermott
Gary Johnston Sr 5-3 Gerry McCorry
Neil McFaul 2-5 Callum McGlinchey
Gary Johnston Jr 5-4 Declan McMahon
Colin Moore 3-5 Steven McGurn
Galvin McDermott 3-5 Ronan McCarthy
Iain Britton 3-5 Ryan Foster
Rab McCullough 1-5 Lee Hull
Raymond Stockman 5-2 Davy McGurn
Tommy Morrow 4-5 Gerard McDermott
Gary Johnston Sr 1-5 Callum McGlinchey
Gary Johnston Jr 2-5 Steven McGurn
Ronan McCarthy 5-2 Ryan Foster
Lee Hull 5-1 Raymond Stockman
Gerard McDermott 5-4 Callum McGlinchey
Steven McGurn 5-3 Ronan McCarthy
Lee Hull 1-5 Gerard McDermott
Steven McGurn  (Omagh) 5-1 Gerard McDermott (Omagh)

McGurn McGurn McGurn McDermott McGurn McGurn

(-5) Ronan McCarthy
(-3) Tommy Morrow, Gary Clarke
(-2) Brian Crilly, Declan Duff, Rab McCullough
(-1) Ady Toner, Alaister Wilson, Colin Moore, Connor McCann, Damian Reid, Dean McDonagh, Dee Irwin, Emmet Maguire, Gavin Patton, Gerald McCaffrey, Gerard McDermott, Herbie O'Neil, James Nesbitt, Jason Crozier, Johnny Mackay, Lee Hull, Mark Graham, Marty Goudie, Paddy McLoughlin, Ricky Clyde, Ryan Foster, Ryan McKillop, Sam Newell, Shaun McAlister, Stephen Johnston, Steven McGurn, Chris Beattie, Jimmy Moore
( 0 ) Aaron Leslie, Alan Rainey, Andrew Patterson, Andy Park, Barry Cunningham, Callum McGlinchey, Ciaran Reid, Clem Howard, Colin Wilson, Collette Henriksen, Craig Gawley, Craig Laughlin, Daniel Clarke, David Riddell, Davy McGurn, Declan McConville, Declan McMahon, Ellis Martin, Gary Davidson, Galvin McDermott, Gary Johnston Jr, Gary Johnston Sr, Gavin Doran, Gee Crawley, Gerry McCorry, Greg Stevenson, Iain Britton, Ivan Christie, James Meredith, Joe Larkin, John McAllister, Kenny English, Kyle Kirkwood, Lee Topping, Mark Stockton, Martin Sharvin, Michael Kane, Michael Thompson, Michelle Roonay, Neil McFaul, Oisin Wallace, Paddy Lynch, Paddy Mulholland, Paul Carville, Philip Houston, Raymond Christie, Raymond Stockman, Robert Hawkins, Ryan Scott, Simon McConnell, Steven Strain, Stuart McLean, Tony Tennyson, Trevor Whiteside, Tyler McConnell, Uel Stewart, Wayne Lewis, Willie Eakin
(+1) Adam Freeburn, Craig Johnston, Dave Jones, David Knipe, Ian Boal, Jason Davidson, Johnny Blair, Mary Cunningham, Maryjo McCourt, Michael Higgins, Paddy McGivern, Sara Greenberg, Tasha Magill, Terry Wallace
(+2) Jean McIlroy, Roisin Smith, Alex Babb