Stuart leads the way

Stuart McLean leads the way after Day 1/2 at the Mens B2/B3 Team Trials. The Belfast cueist scored an impressive 18/25 in the event which was held in the Q.Club, Larne on Saturday 7th January.

It isn't too late to try and qualify for either of the Teams as a players' best score from the 2 days determines his finishing position. Winner receives automatic place on the Mens B2 Team with next 6 a spot on the new Mens B3 Team. Good luck to everyone.

Day 2 is tomorrow 8th January in the Primacy Sports Bar, Bangor. It's an 11.00am start with the venue open at 10.00am

STANDINGS AFTER DAY 1/2 - (Out of 25 frames)

18 - Stuart McLean
16 - Ian Boal
15 - Joe Larkin
14 - Ciaran Reid
14 - Paul Roberts
12 - Andrew Abram
12 - Dean Reid
12 - Jordan McKee
12 - Ryan Scott
11 - Andy Baillie
08 - Michael Higgins
05 - Thomas Fleming