2017-2018 Associate Memberships

Associate Memberships are now due for the 2017-2018 season

As you all are aware the NIPA is a voluntary organisation and our associate membership scheme goes to provide finance for:

* Affiliation to the European Blackball Association
* Affiliation to the Northern Ireland Sports Council
* Costs for Safeguarding/Child Protection Vetting
* Assist with the development of our Junior Section
* Subsidise the Junior section on international duty
* Financial assistance to non playing team managers on International duty

* To hold our National Individuals in a premier hotel venue with the hire of multiple tables (21)
* Pay for annual Association Insurance 

* Reduced fees into competitions
* Expenses top table/referees for our competitions
* Purchase of trophies for all our competitions

* Banking charges 
* Streaming costs
* Stationery
* Any miscellaneous expenses