Please find below information from the NIPA EGM held on Sunday 22nd October 2017 in McConnells of Doagh.

Roll call -
Exec - Pauline Lynch, Rab McCullough, Robert Hawkins
Team Managers - Alex Irvine, Derek Whiteside
Others - Gee Crawley, Kyle Kirkwood, Gary Clarke, Sara Greenberg, Paddy Lynch, Trevor Harte, Gillian Rolston, Aaron Rolston,
Apologies - Jean McIlroy
New Executive Committee elected
Chairperson - Pauline Lynch (3 year term)
Vice Chairperson - Rab McCullough (3 year term)
Secretary - Gillian Rolston (2 year term)
Treasurer - Alex Irvine (2 year term)
Non Executive Committee posts
Assistant Treasurer - Helen Irvine
Tour Committee - Gary Clarke & William Irvine
Tour Assistants - Gee Crawley, Michael Higgins, Johnny Johnston
Jean McIlroy stood down as Treasurer. We would like to thank Jean for her time on the Committee and the commitment she gave to it.
Robert Hawkins stood down as Secretary after serving 10 years in the post. Robert will be helping Gillian from the sidelines until she settles in to her new position.
It was unanimously agreed that prize money for Interleague teams is to be done away with as it was agreed the prestige of your League competing in the event is the main purpose of the event. Entry fees will go towards the NIPA paying for the tables to hold the 2 days of competition in a Hotel with a large room where all the tables will be in the one room so as to create the best atmosphere rather than a split venue. Hotels to be contacted immediately to see what is available.
Cost of Interleague entries
Discussion was had and after a vote of 4-2 it was decided to charge teams entering, £10 per registered player on their team sheet. The other option was £100 per team.
League affiliation
A proposal that this be reduced to £50 from £75 was defeated by a vote of 4-3.
Associate membership
After discussion it was agreed this be kept at £15 per season. Payment is due before or at the next event, the Northern Ireland Individual Championships from 17-19th November.
NI Individual Championships 17-19th November
Payment for anyone entered into any of these Individual competitions is due by Saturday 11th November.
March in music
It was agreed to change our march in music at International events from "We're nor Brazil" sung by Jackie Fullerton to "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond. This will be effective in Malta at the EBA Nations Cup next week.
Team Managers positions
Manager, player/manager posts for Mens A, Seniors A and Masters A to be advertised immediately
Mens International Team selection
Lots of discussion was had on the best way forward with the Mens Section selection as it has given lots of problems recently.
Mens A Team - 4x Managers Picks, Trials Winner, NI Champion or Runner Up. All 6 players to get £250 funding each only payable on arrival in Bridlington towards their travel and accommodation. If neither NI Champ or Runner Up can go Manager has another Managers Pick
Mens B Team - 4x Managers Picks, Top 4 from Trials after A Team has been confirmed.
Mens B1 Team - 1x B1 Player/Manager, 2x Managers Picks, next Top 5 from Trials after B Team has been confirmed.
Mens B2 Team - 1x B2 Player/Manager, next top 8 from Trials after B1 Team has been confirmed.
Mens Trials
Executive to set dates and venues for 3 Mens Trials. Best 2/3 scores will count towards selection to Mens teams