Announcing the all new 2018 NIPA Blackball Tour !!!

THIS TOUR IS SOLD OUT ------ PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY MORE DEPOSITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Find below details of our new 2018 Blackball Tour in partnership with Reds Sports Lounge, Ballymena and the Q.Club, Larne.

EVENT 1 - Saturday 10th March - (Reds)
EVENT 2 - Sunday 22nd April - (Q.Club)
EVENT 3 - Sunday 3rd June - (Reds)
EVENT 4 - Sunday 26th August - (Q.Club)
EVENT 5 - Sunday 23rd September - (Reds)
EVENT 6 - Sunday 14th October - (Q.Club)
FINALS DAY - Sunday 9th December - (Reds)

>> £100 for all 6 Events plus £30 for tables = £130 total
>> £65 deposit to secure your place. Remaining £65 to be paid before end of February 2018
>> 100% of entry fees paid out PLUS £3,200 added between the clubs and outside sponsors
>> £7,000 prize money and a further £1,000 of crystal as prizes
>> Players who play a minimum of 4 events qualify for Finals Day
>> Group format based on ability
>> Handicapped after group stages by Handicap Committee (Gary Clarke, William Irvine, Ryan Foster, Michael Higgins, Johnny Johnston and Gee Crawley)
>> All players must be NIPA Associate Members. Memberships available cost £15

Payment Methods
1/ To William Irvine, Neil McKelvey or Alex Irvine in Q.Club or to Gary Clarke or Ryan Foster in Reds
2/ Paypal to or

For further details contact either Tour Committee member (William Irvine or Gary Clarke)