NI Specials panel for Bridlington

The very best of luck to all the Learning Disability managers and players travelling to Bridlington in April to represent Northern Ireland at the 2018 EBA European Championships.


Managers - John Clarke, Sammy Henry & Ruth Taggart

Players (alphabetical order) - Alan Bell, Brian Meanie, Briege McFall, Clifford Healy, Clifford McKendry, Conrad McFeely, Gordon Stewart, Harry Chambers, Jason McBride, John Brown, John Henderson, Jonathon McAuley, Kevin Walsh, Liam Shilington, Mark Irvine, Paddy Reid, Philip Haveron, Richard Hunter, Sammy Johnston, Sean Fleming, Shane Butcher, Trevor Patterson, Valerie Taggart

 The Northern Ireland Specials 'A' Team - current reigning World Champions