New 2018 NIPA Tour

The new 2018 NIPA TOUR run in association with Reds Sports Lounge and The Q Club.

What - New 2018 NIPA Blackball Tour
Where - Reds Sports Lounge, Ballymena
Time - Roll call at 9:50am for play to start at 10.00am all players to be available from this time.
Venue - Open from 9.00am
NIPA dress code - Yes, for all players in all events
Food & Drink - No outside food or drink to be brought into either of the two venues
Clock - One minute shot clock may be introduced at any time at Tournament Directors discretion only

> In each Group match players play each other 4 frames
> 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw
> Top 2 from each Group progress to Knock Out stage, 16 total
> Group position seperators 1= Points 2 = FD 3 = H2H 4 = Black Ball Shoot Out
> Knock Out stage handicapped races to 7
> Pot A = 0, Pot B = 1, Pot C = 2, Pot D = 3
> Each Event played down to Semi Final stage, Final played at next Event after Group stages
> Each of the 6 Tour Events start at 10.00am. Finals Day time TBC
> A player can withdraw from a single event and receive £15 compensation back. The reserve list will then come into play to get the place filled at a cost of £20 (£15 to pot and £5 registration). This will be in effect from Event 2 and there will be a deadline of 2 weeks before the Tuesday draw for any player wishing to withdraw from a particular Tour Event
> A player can only use this option twice throughout the Tour.
> Players must request this only via NIPA Committee or Tour Committee
> Cut off dates for withdrawing from an Event
Event 2 - Tuesday 3rd April
Event 3 - Tuesday 15th May
Event 4 - Tuesday 7th August
Event 5 - Tuesday 4th September
Event 6 - Tuesday 25th September
> A player missing the 2 week deadline or misses an Event without informing the organisers will not get any compensation back
> No shows. 2 no shows without notice to Committee a player will be eliminated from Tour with no money back
> A ranking table will operate over the 6 Tour Events
> With 48 players and a generous criteria for making Finals Day the draw will be seeded based on the Rankings Table
> Only original 48 players will be eligible for ranking points
> Ranking Points as follows
Win a Tour = 150
Runner Up = 100 
Semi Final = 75
Quarter Finals = 50
Last Sixteen = 25
Appearance Points = 15
Win a Group game = 10
Draw Group game = 5
Win every Group game = 50 bonus points
Unbeaten in every Group game = 30 bonus points

> Played to Knock Out format based on Tour Rankings over 6 Events
> Handicapped as per Knock Out stages in Groups
> Reserve players can qualify for Finals Day if they play in the required 4/6 Tour Events. But they will have to make the difference up between the original entry fee and what they have paid in plus a £10 fee
> To qualify for Finals Day a player must simply play in 4/6 Tour Events.
> Reds and The Q.Club are committed to the £8,000 Prize Fund as advertised. £7,000 will be paid out in Prize Money and £1,000 in crystal
> Breaking the £7,000 down, Each Tour Event pays out £900 and Finals Day pays out £1,500. This leaves a balance of £100 which will go to the player who tops the ranking after 6 Events
> Breakdown per Tour Event as follows
Winner = £400
Runner Up = £180
Semi Finalists = £80 each
Quarter Finalists = £40 each
> Breakdown for Finals Day
Winner = £700
Runner Up = £300
Semi Finalists = £150 each
Quarter Finalists = £50 each

NIPA & Tour Committees welcome any constructive feedback regarding any aspect of the Tour.

Terms & conditions subject to change