Team NI 2018 Euros Schedules

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All fixtures will also be on PoolAppLive (downloadable from the App or Play Store) along with live frame by frame scoring, tables and stats during the event.

As you will see, there is a team from Andalusia competing in the Men's B Section. Obviously for those who know their geography this is a Spanish province, just as Catalonia is. As Catalonia, who are established and respected members of the EBA, have entered a Men's A and a Men's B team the EBA has permitted Andalusia to enter as a 3rd Men's team from the county of Spain. However just like Catalonia they will not be called Spain, they will be called by their provincial name, Andalusia. With Blackball expanding throughout Spain the EBA will be bringing both parties together at the championships in order to discuss and hopefully map a way forward which will allow all parties to play Blackball at EBA and BI level.

Opening two fixtures for our teams competing at the 2018 EBA European Championships in Bridlington in April as follows -

MENS 'A' - Ireland and Netherlands
MENS 'B'  - Scotland B1 and England B
MENS 'B1'  - Andalusia and Ireland B2

LADIES 'A' - France and Gibraltar
LADIES 'B' - Wales B and England B

SENIORS 'A' - Wales and Gibraltar
SENIORS 'B' - Northern Ireland B1 and England B1
SENIORS 'B1' - Northern Ireland B and Scotland B

MASTERS 'A' - Scotland and Gibraltar

SPECIALS 'A' - Wales and Ireland
SPECIALS 'B' - Northern Ireland B1 and England B
SPECIALS 'B1' - Northern Ireland B and Wales B

UNDER 18 'A' - England and Scotland