NIPA Tour Event 2 - Sunday 22nd April

POT A - Group 1
Gary Clarke
Ricky Clyde
Sam Newell
Martin Goudie
Rab McCullough
Ronan McCarthy

POT A - Group 2
Ryan Craig
Gordon Boomer
Lee Hull
Emmet McGuire
Ady Toner
Alastair Wilson

POT B - Group 3
Lee McIlreavy
Kyle Kirkwood
Michael Thompson
Alan Rainey
Paul Harris
Iain Britton

POT B - Group 4
Gerald McCaffery
Gary Wallace
Stephen Johnston
Trevor Whiteside
Daniel Clarke
Gerry McCorry

POT C - Group 5
David Armstrong
Mark Richardson
Simon McConnell
David Magill
Aaron Leslie
Clem Howard

POT C - Group 6
Raymond Stockman
Robert Hawkins
Ryan Marcus
Greg Stevenson
Tyler McConnell
Aaron Rolston

POT D - Group 7
Joe Larkin
Gareth Fears
Neil McFaul
Cory Lee Brett
Mary Jo Mc Court
Kenny Geddis

POT D - Group 8
Darren Lowe
Adam Dixon-Freeburn
Drew Niblock
David Jones
Ryan Scott
Jordan Peoples…/new-2018-nipa-tour.html

Just a reminder folks that it is a 10.00am start and full NIPA dress code applies. We will be holding a minutes silence before play in memory of Donald Alexander who sadly passed away a few weeks ago and was part of our tour. Donald’s place will be sold at each event and at the end of the Tour 6 his family will be given the money back.

4.00pm Event 1 Final - Tommy Morrow vs Ryan Marcus

Throughout the day there will be a sit and go cash poker table and the big break challenge will begin. Open to everyone.