NIPA Tour Event 4

There were some fantastic performances today (Sunday 26th August) at the NIPA Tour Event No. 4 held in the Q.Club, Larne. None more so than by Aaron Leslie (Glengormley) and Ryan Craig (Ballymoney) who both made it on through to the Final which will take place during Event 5 in Reds Sports Lounge, Ballymena on Sunday 23rd September.

Results after Group stages as follows (Handicaps in brackets) -

Raymond Stockman (2) 7-5 (2) Mark Stockton
Ronan McCarthy (0) 7-5 (3) Kenny Geddis
Rab McCullough (0) 7-4 (3) Dave Jones
Aaron Leslie (2) 7-4 (1) Alan Rainey
Ryan Craig (0) 7-2 (0) Gary Clarke
Greg Stevenson (2) 7-6 (3) Neil McFaul
Ryan Marcus (1) 7-6 (2) Paul Harris
Joe Larkin (3) 7-5 (2) Davy Armstrong
Ronan McCarthy 7-4 Raymond Stockman
Aaron Leslie 7-6 Rab McCullough
Ryan Craig 7-4 Greg Stevenson
Ryan Marcus 7-5 Joe Larkin
Aaron Leslie 7-5 Ronan McCarthy
Ryan Craig 7-6 Ryan Marcus
FINAL (23rd September)
Aaron Leslie V Ryan Craig

Ryan Craig (top) and Aaron Leslie (bottom) who have qualified for the Final of Event 4 of the NIPA Tour