Connor is King in NIPA Under 23 Individual

What a fantastic performance by 16 year old Connor Marron in the 2018-2019 NIPA Under 23 Individual that was played out today Sunday 21st October 2018 in Reds Sports Lounge. From a snooker background, Connor has only recently turned his hand to the reds and yellows and he has certainly made his mark in a very short period of time. Today he became our Under 23 Individual Champion taking on and overcoming more established players on his way to success where the experienced James Nesbitt awaited.

And what a final we had. Marron quickly raced into a 3-0 lead but after Nesbitt stormed back to lead 4-3 one could have been forgiven for thinking that James would move on and see the match out. But young Connor had other ideas and trailed 5-6 after the next four racks were shared. Frame 12, and the break off shot was to be James' last of the match. The Coleraine man went in off and Marron stepped up to clear for 6-6. And it wasn't long before it was all over as Connor duly pulled off a superb break and dish in the decider to claim the crown.

It's a great confidence booster for Connor before he travels with the NI Under 18 squad to the 2018 Blackball International World Championships in Yorkshire next month.

Connor Marron 6-4 Aaron Rolston
Ryan Marcus 6-1 Dean Reid
Chris Ferguson 1-6 James Nesbitt
Jordan Peoples 6-4 Corey Lee Brett
Connor Marron 6-4 Ryan Marcus
James Nesbitt 6-1 Jordan Peoples
Connor Marron (Ballymena) 7-6 James Nesbitt (Coleraine)

Final Frames
Marron, Marron, Marron, Nesbitt, Nesbitt, Nesbitt, Nesbitt, Marron, Nesbitt, Marron, Nesbitt, Marron, Marron

Big thanks to Dean in Reds today for his hospitality and to Reds Sports Lounge for the free use of the tables for the event.