IPA Tour (Belfast Leg) Qualifier 1

Updates from the Q.Club, Larne as the NIPA hold their first Qualifier with the winner receiving a spot at the prestigious IPA Blackball Tour, Belfast Leg (22-24th February 2019), Amateur and Open events. Qualifier 2 will be held in Reds Sports Lounge on 2nd December. All matches are "Best of 9"

12.00 noon start, Q.Club open at 11.00am
Entry £10
NIPA dress code
Only open to players eligible to play for NI

Kyle Kirkwood 5-0 Stephen Johnston
Ryan Marcus 5-0 Peter McAlonan
Aaron Rolston 5-3 Stephen Burns
Gerry McCorry w/o Ed McDowell
Neil McFaul 5-1 Warren Miskimmin
Jim Gilchrist w/o Darren Sterrett
Ryan Scott 5-2 Aaron Leslie
James Meredith w/o Adam Freeburn
Jim Gourley 5-3 Robert Hawkins
Paddy Mulholland w/o Mark Richardson
Marty Goudie 5-3 Alan Johnston
Ricky Clyde 5-4 Ryan Foster
Michael Thompson 5-3 Mark Millar
Roger Smyth 5-2 Peter Leddy
Neil Campbell 5-2 Steven Strain
Kenny English V Bye
Ryan Marcus 5-4 Kyle Kirkwood
Aaron Rolston 5-4 Gerry McCorry
Neil McFaul 5-1 Jim Gilchrist
Ryan Scott 5-3 James Meredith
Jim Gourley 5-0 Paddy Mulholland
Marty Goudie 5-2 Ricky Clyde
Michael Thompson 2-5 Roger Smyth
Kenny English 5-4 Neil Campbell
Ryan Marcus 5-4 Aaron Rolston
Neil McFaul 3-5 Ryan Scott
Marty Goudie 5-1 Jim Gourley
Roger Smyth 5-3 Kenny English
Ryan Scott 5-3 Ryan Marcus
Marty Goudie 3-5 Roger Smyth
Ryan Scott 5-3 Roger Smyth