NIPA 2018 Tour Event 6

EVENT 6 - Sunday 14th October 2018

- Could any player who cannot make the Event 6 please contact William Irvine, Gary Clarke or the NIPA immediately so we invite reserves.

- £15 refunds for the 9 players who were not at the last tour will be processed this week by William Irvine and Gary Clarke.

- The following 10 Tour players must play in Event 6 to qualify for the £1,500 Finals day

Iain Britton
Sean Davison
Ryan Foster
Darren Lowe
Mary Jo McCourt
Emmet McGuire
Tommy Morrow
Johnny Murray
Mark Richardson
Mark Stockton

- The Tour Ranking Table will be used for the finals day draw, the higher you finish then the better the chance you have to avoid the Prelims. £100  bonus to the player who tops the table.