Seniors, Masters & Ladies for the Lodge

Gentle reminder for anyone who hasn't paid the £20 Competition entry fees for the Seniors, Masters & Ladies NI Individuals in the Lodge Hotel that they are all due by Friday 9th November. Entrants and payment methods below -


Bill McIlroy Sr, Iain Britton, Darren Sterrett, Drew Sloan, Damian McGarrell, Davy Magill, Padraic Lynch, Paddy Clarke, Davy McGurn, Martin Sharvin, Stephen Johnston, Micky O'Boyle, Paul Lenfesty, Marty Goudie, Johnny Murray, Willie Eakin, Tristan Scott-Heyes, Sam Newell, Jim Jennings, Greg Stevenson, Joe Meara, John Tennyson, Daniel Clarke, Michael Wilson, Noel Meara, George McCullough, Kenny Geddis, Gerry McCorry, Jason Heffron, Mark Nugent, Peter Leddy, John Holland, Aaron Leslie, James McGarrell, Paul Kerr, Johnny Nelson, Neil Campbell, Davy Jones, Anthony McCorry, Nigel Clewer, Darren Whiteside, Gary Johnston Sr, Brian Crilly, Raymond Stockman, Mark Graham, Gary Wylie, Chris Foster, Tony Tennyson, Alan Johnston, Gerard Rogan, Marty Enright, Kevin McCorry, Ivan Christie, Paddy McGivern, Kenny McFall, Declan Birt, Sara Greenberg, Kieran Mallon, Stephen McArthur, Gary Sharpe, Andy McMeekin, Mark Richardson, Craig Robson, Stephen Massey = 64

Reserve list - James Meredith, Mark Stockton, William Brown


Robert Hawkins, Jim Taylor, Jean McIlroy, Davy McGurn, Martin Sharvin, Stephen Johnston, Paul Lenfestey, Marty Goudie, Allen McKibben, Willie Eakin, Sam Newell, John Tennyson, Kenny Geddis, Davy Jones, Dessie Cooper, Joe Patton, Gerry McCorry, Brian Crilly, Raymond Stockman. Alan Johnston, Marty Enright, Ivan Christie, Colin Carlisle, Mark Galbraith, Jim Jennings, David O'Sullivan, Bill McIlroy Sr, Davy Drysdale, Derek Allum, Jan Orr, Ellis Martin, Hugh Regan = 32

Reserve list -John Holland, Jimmy McCullough Stephen Ferris

Jean McIlroy, Mary Cunningham, Andrea McAlister, Alex Babb, Ashleigh Dinsmore, Roisin Smith, Sally Caughey, Elise Richardson, Angie Willis, Maryjo McCourt, Joanne Podbylski =11

1/ In person to any Committee member  
2/ Online bank transfer into - Sort Code 980060 Account Number 10478253  
3/ Call into any branch of Ulster Bank and lodge into - Sort Code 980060 Account Number 10478253  
If selecting methods 2 or 3 please put your name down as reference otherwise we won't know if you have paid
Any player who has entered his/her name and is unpaid by 9th November shall be removed from the list

Any questions please contact the NIPA Secretary Gillian Rolston, either on Messenger or by email to

Terms & conditions subject to change